New in: La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche Posay SerozincI have struggled with acne prone skin ever since I was a teenager and it is something that, I am sad to say, is still hanging around even in my (very) late twenties. At this stage I have probably been through all kinds of treatments and found that the best way to go for me is a solid skincare routine supported by a healthy-ish diet. My skincare routine has been pretty much unchanged for a long time but I have been wanting to try the much hyped Serozinc toning mist from La Roche-Posay. I am so glad I did....

Serozinc is not a new product but new in my skincare arsenal. It is a zinc sulfate based toning mist that is super gentle, soothing and clarifying on the skin. The ingredients are very simple: water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate and the mist works wonders not only on blemish-prone skin but soothes any kind of skin irritation (gentlemen, it would be fantastic to sooth any after-shaving dilemmas). I use Serozinc on my skin every day just before I put on my moisturiser and my breakouts have considerably calmed down, even after the first nighttime use!

The only problem, at least here in Ireland, Serozinc is that it's quite hard to get hold of. Escentual have recently started selling the product and you can get it shipped to a Parcel Motel near you. The toner is really inexpensive (£8.50 but currently on sale for £7.20 on Escentual) and something that I recommend to anyone with troublesome skin.

I hope La Roche-Posay bring it into our regular pharmacies soon and it will be more widely available!

Have you tried Serozinc yet?

A. xx

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