The Beauty Dupe Bible: Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment V’s Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream


Pink Elephant Beauty Dupe Bible

Truth be told, I would spend my rent money on Chanel blushers, YSL Lipsticks and Dior foundations in a heartbeat. High end luxury make-up brands give me warm and fuzzy feelings that I’m pretty sure should be reserved for true love- which probably isn’t something I should openly admit to. That said, as beautiful as the glossy packaging is or the expensive click that comes only with snapping a Chanel compact shut, the actual product inside is not always all that superior to budget brands. Technically meaning it should be more difficult to justify spending €50+ on a foundation, although I’m nothing if not persistent so I almost always manage to!

My new years resolution this year is to properly start saving, and so it’s with dogged determination that I will be clearing my loan and credit card. Unfortunately this plan leaves very little if any room for my high-end counter habit which means two things. Firstly my Birthday wishlist this year is going to be a long one (just putting it out there ten months in advance) and secondly Boots and Superdrug will be seeing a lot more of me. The good news is that more purse friendly brands have upped their game massively in the past few years, with Bourjois giving Chanel a run for their money on the foundation stakes and own-brand skincare holding its own for the first time maybe ever. Starting this week, we'll be running through some beauty dupe favourites especially for my fellow financially challenged beauty junkies and first up is eye treatments.

KiehlsVsBotanics1I’m pretty lucky in the eye-bag department as it’s never really a problem area for me. That said as the birthdays clock up, this thin-skinned area is one of the first to show the mileage and so a decent eye cream is an investment worth making. Cult apothecary brand Kiehl’s have always been a favourite of mine and their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is loaded with gorgeous avocado oil and Vitamin A. There’s something lovely and nourishing about the thick, creamy consistency of Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado before bed, as though its exactly what this delicate skin needs. It’s comes in at €25 for 14ml little pot, which isn’t actually too steep as far as eye creams go. That said, amidst the post-Christmas financial hangover, a cheaper alternative is a welcome option.

Queue Boots Botanics 80% Organic Hydrating Eye Cream. This lovely nourishing eye cream contains Rosehip and Omega Oils to target fine lines and is paraben free, costing a mere €8.99 for 15ml tube which is more hygienic than Kiehl’s pot in terms of application (although I love the little Kiehl’s pot- don’t ask me why!) It’s definitely got the hydration box ticked and at this price point is quite impressive that its 80% Organic, so nothing too harsh or abrasive for this delicate area of the face. At less than half the price of Kiehl’s, Boots Botanics 80% Organic Hydrating Eye Cream is a great budget-friendly option to tide you over until payday.

B. xx

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