3 Amazing Fixes For Tired Eyes


3 Amazing Fixes for Tired Eyes

Thanks to 'kind' mother nature I have been genetically 'blessed' with some quite impressive eye bags and a considerable amount of darkness under my eyes - not a great combination. The fact that I generally don't get enough sleep and am not amazing at drinking as much water as I should, means I have to resort to some cheats when it comes to the eye department. Here are my hacks for faking the bright eyed look.

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The first one, and the one I start my day with, is Benefit's most recent release Puff Off. It is an under eye gel that is designed to de-puff and 'iron out' and the under eye area with the rather cute iron-shaped cooling metal applicator. It's all the things you want in the morning - hydrating, cooling and brightening! The salmon colour of the gel also helps with neutralising that grey-blue hue that tends to appear in the inner corners of my eyes. The best thing with this is that in an emergency you can use it over your makeup to get a bit of extra help!

Second up is my trusty Lumi Magique from L'Oreal - a highlighter / concealer pen. This is not a concealer as such and doesn't have lots of coverage but it's fantastic just placed in any areas that are dark under the eye - for me that is usually the inner corners, the line that follows my socket bone and the outer corners of my eyes. I would always use a more heavy duty concealer under my eye when I am doing my makeup and then come in with the highlighting pen to give myself an extra boost of brightness.

Last but not least is something I always carry in my handbag- moisturising eye drops for tired eyes (the ones I am currently using are from Optrex). They are my secret weapon for when I need to cheat a more awake and wide-eyed look! Eye drops will instantly make the whites of your eyes brighter, the waterline less red and give your eyes that much needed moisture. They will also make your eyes feel much nicer which is a huge help when you're tired.

What are your top tips for combating the tired eyes look? Let me know in the comments below!

A. xx