Sneak Peek: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


Benefit Roller Lash MascaraOn being given a sneak peek at Benefits latest lash offering a couple of weeks back, I was eager to see if it’s going to be another ‘They’re Real’ marmite situation whereby you either hate it or love it. For example I love ‘They’re Real’- falsies in an instant in my book (despite the removal process breaking your heart; tubular mascaras require the cleansing stamina of an athlete!) Alex has completely different lashes to mine, and ‘They’re Real’ doesn’t deliver the same oomph factor for her at all. Queue Benefits new kid on the block, ‘Roller Lash’.

Benefit Roller Lash MascaraPackaged in the usual Benefit gorgeousness, I have to say one of my favourite things is the rubber wand handle- I’m a butterfingered nightmare when it comes to dropping makeup so this is right up my alley. The official line on this mascara is that is offers a more natural defined lash as opposed to the showstopping volume with ‘They’re Real’, the focus here being on the curl effect. Now in all honesty, I lucked out when it comes to lash curl. I haven’t used an eyelash curler since my teenage disco days because I really don’t need to (something that’s counterbalanced by my hairs determination to turn into a blonde ‘fro in any kind of heat- you win some you lose some!). The principle here is the wand design, inspired by hair rollers complete with ‘mini-hooks’ that really grab the lash and pull it upward- a wand noticeably different to anything I've used before. I have quite fair lashes, so for me this wand design was great to fully coat the lash from root to tip; a definite plus point for any other blondies.

Before & After Benefit Roller Curl Mascara

I’d zero clumping with this which is perfect for a clean, defined lash. I did find that the formula takes a few seconds longer than I’m used to in order to fully dry so there is a little window of lash-to-lid transfer risk, however once dry, you’re all set for day-long wear and the formula is that really striking black comparable with Lancôme or Dior mascara’s. It’s an great all-rounder and perfect for daytime definition without too much dramatic volume. ‘Roller Lash’ hits Benefit counters nationwide and their South William St. boutique at the end of Feb, priced €26.00.

B. xx

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