Botanics Radiance Concentrate Serum All Bright

IMG_8107-819x1024Up until recently I’ve openly been a bit of a skincare snob, and although I know to chase down active ingredients, I just prefer to do so when it’s in glossy high end packaging (I’m cursed with expensive taste!). If there’s ever going to be a window for me to trial more reasonable skincare, then a frenzied 3-for-2 splurge in Boots will be that time. I recently popped in to pick up cotton wool and nail varnish remover… and was brought to the harsh realisation I might have a bit of a problem when asking for a second (large) bag to fill with my discounted beauty goodies.

Boots Botanics was never really a brand on my radar until one of my all-time favourite beauty guru’s, Lisa Eldridge, recommended their Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm- which consequently always seems to be sold out. On searching for a fresh pot I was drawn to the Botanics ‘All Bright’ range, which wasn’t actually part of my 3 for 2 splurge (but even better- was 40% off!). There’s something about the ‘brightening’ claim that drew me to the Botanics Radiance Concentrate Serum All Bright and the teeny tiny price tag didn’t hurt either. In a nutshell, I love this stuff. With my wedding coming up this summer, I’ve been making an effort to really take care of my skin and have a host of secret weapons for this (ahem, La Roche Posay Serozinc…) and now Botanics Radiance Concentrate Serum All Bright is the most recent addition.IMG_8105-819x1024

Claiming to brighten skin in 2 weeks with an energized radiant glow, I have to say I’ve noticed just that- a brightened radiant effect. Hibiscus is the secret weapon here, bursting with AHA’s which help renew gorgeous new skin through gentle exfoliation- bear in mind AHA’s can also increase your skins sensitivity to the sun, so its extra important to slather on the SPF every morning regardless of cloud cover . It’s also got the loveliest texture that sinks into skin immediately leaving no greasy residue. A lovely addition to springtime skincare and with a price tag of less than ten euro, Botanics Radiance Concentrate Serum All Bright is an absolute bargain too!

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