My Five-Minute-Face Favourites

Beauty on the go FavouritesAs much as I love doing my make-up (there’s something therapeutic about it) I’m pretty much always against the clock, meaning more often than not my face needs to be applied on-the-go. Carparks are a reoccurring theme in make up application for me, and using my Macbook camera in the place of a mirror when stuck at a desk is just good sense. Time poor beauty is an art in itself, as anyone with a demanding job, new baby or both will agree; hat’s off to all the supermom’s out there!

With a five minute face the trick is to drop anything trend based and just strive for a wide-awake healthy glow. The passenger seat of a car is no place to practice your perfect red lip (speed-bumps will get you every time!!).  I’ve found there’s a few handbag heros for on-the-go makeup that are not only super speedy to apply but also go the distance of a long day, earning them permanent handbag hero status in my capsule makeup bag:

L'Occitane BB Cream

L’Occitane BB Cream: An anti-aging BB cream that does wonders in calming redness and generally brightening complexion. Enriched with my favourite immortelle essential oil, I love that this combines great skincare with lovely natural coverage for everyday wear. Complete with SPF 30 that’s another box ticked!

Urban Decay Naked Skin UD Powder: If using a BB cream then I do like a little extra coverage that also mattifies shine but without that heavy caked finish. Urban Decay Naked Skin UD Powder Foundation is perfect over a BB cream and leave the most gorgeous satin finish that somehow mattes any shine but still glows. This is in fact a powder foundation in its own right, I just find combined with a BB cream it gives amazing coverage for all-day wear.

Urban Deacy & Clinique

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour: This is the Crayola version of contouring and I love it! Five seconds with this easy little contouring crayon and sculpted cheekbones can be yours for the day. As with all cream based products, this works best applies underneath any power finish and as with all contouring products, use a light hand on application and blending is key.

Lancôme Shine Lover: Don’t be put off by the vibrant colour of this one! It applies in the most gorgeous sheer wash that’s not quite glossy but a softer sheer coverage that’s just lovely to give a little colour for a gorgeous wide-awake five minute face. With rose de muskat oil providing a soothing balmy texture, this works brilliantly with my chapped lips. My favourite is French Soirire, a sheer hot pink.

No7 Pop & Glow

No7 Pop & Glow: Another Crayola style cream stick gem, this is without doubt the easiest way to add a gorgeous bright glow to cheeks. Don’t be put off by the brighter pink colours, they seem to work with pretty much every complexion and are nothing short of magic if recovering from a late night.

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream: It took me a while to get on board with cream shadows. I love the fail-safe blendability of a powder, but there’s definitely something to be said for the lasting power of creams. I also reckon they leave a more modern finish, a little less ‘done. For crease-proof highly-pigmented cream shadows with guaranteed lasting power, Makeup Forever Aqua Cream is the way to go (2 steel is pictured above). They’re waterproof too which comes in handy living in Ireland!

Becky Signature.001

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