Boho Summer Blooms

Boho Summer Flowers

Decorating with flowers is our favourite way to style a table for a special event or when hosting a dinner party. It is the easiest and most fun way to make a your space look gorgeous. I usually use very plain dinnerware, maybe some golden cutlery and then jazz everything up with flowers. Now that we are coming into summer the possibilities are endless and we thought we would show you how to make some super impressive centrepieces and beautiful boho bouquet using just three types of flowers.

Boho Summer Flowers

We have used some of our faves: ranunculus, heirloom roses and purple limonium. You don't need much in way of accessories: for the centrepieces we have used some upcycled jam jars and glass bottles and all you need for the bouquet is some sharp garden scissors and copper or gold wire. We have also used some ribbon to cover up the stems - the heirloom roses have the most massive thorns!

Boho Summer Flowers Boho Summer Flowers

We went for a romantic boho look and all we did for the centrepieces was to trim the flowers to the correct length of each jam jar and added in the flowers. We have filled out the jars with some garden herbs: basil, fennel and mint - they not only look pretty but also smell amazing at the table!

With the bouquet we have started by putting together the pink ranunculus and heirloom roses and then filled out with the limonium making sure not to make the bouquet too tight and round - we wanted it a bit wild and bohemian looking! Then we have tied it up with the wire, added ribbon and then cut the stems.

TIP: Rotate your bouquet when adding flowers to make sure that it looks full from all angles.

Boho Summer Flowers

Have you ever tried to make your own flower arrangements?

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