The Beauty Dupe Bible: MUFE Aqua Cream Shadow V’s Max Factor Excess Shimmer


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I’m a little late to the party when it comes to cream shadows. Having been firmly pro-powder for many years, I just reckoned the blendability was a little lacking and I couldn’t really achieve the same finish as with powder shadows. In recent months I’ve been very much converted and have moved away from using my MAC paint pots solely as a shadow base but instead am now embracing the cream shadow in all its gooey glory!I've even ditched the brushes, and in Mary Greenwell style artiness am finger-painting my lids. Having done a complete 180, I've grown to love the unstructured messiness of a quick cream shadow eye- and when I say quick I’m talking ten seconds on the way out the door.

MUFE Aqua Cream V's Max Factor Excess Shimmer

One of my favourite cream shadows to date has to be Make Up Forever Aqua Cream, a waterproof cream shadow with a gorgeous sheen as opposed to glittery chunks that find themselves all down your cheeks come lunchtime. Priced at €22.50, much like other Make up Forever products they don’t come cheap. Enter Max Factor Excess Shimmer. For just €9.99 the deeply pigmented shades and lasting formula is stellar value. I find that the Max Factor formula doesn’t dry quite as fast, which is a definite plus in giving you a little more time to blend.

On the downside, unlike the MUFE Aqua Creams they aren’t waterproof, although in day to day reality I don’t think this is too big of a deal.  The other main noticeable difference is that the Max Factor shadows are much softer, I learned this the hard way on jamming my finger halfway down a pot, not realizing its buttery consistency.

Aqua Cream and Excess Shimmer Swatches

The pigments are equally rich and the tones have a similarly gorgeous sheeny quality to them that I just love. Considering the price difference, the cream shadows tick a lot of the same boxes and as much as I just love anything from Makeup Forever, Max Factor Excess Shimmer Cream Shadows are an excellent budget-friendly beauty dupe and great addition to any makeup bag.

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