Easy Father's Day DIY Gift Idea


Easy Father's Day DIY Father's Day is so close now and you still haven't got an idea of what present to get for Dad this year..? We have the perfect idea for you! It is easy to do, customisable and shows you have put some thought and heart into the present. 

I am a huge fan of hampers. Whether it is a birthday, hostess or a just-because gift it's something you can put together and capture some personality, make it really special. The possibilities are endless and you can go all out or keep it budget-friendly.

Easy Father's Day DIY

I went with some nice things I know my Dad will love:

 - A gorgeous Spanish red wine. If your Dad's tipple of choice is something different you could go for a nice bottle of whiskey, cognac or gin...

- The new L'Occitane Cedrat Eau de Toilette and Shower Gel. I love the scent of this line, it is a wonderfully fresh, delicate citrus fragrance that is absolutely perfect for summer. It has quite a sophisticated edge to it and a slightly smokey, woody base which makes it an absolutely delicious scent.

- A selection of dark chocolates. Again, go for whatever you think your dad will like, anything that will feel like a treat: chocolates, gourmet biscuits or a selection of his favourite cheeses. A great place to shop for little delicacies are small deli's like Avoca, Fallon and Byrne or Sheridan's Cheesemongers.

- A summer shirt from H&M. A gorgeous tie, belt or jumper would also be amazing! Check out shops like H&M for more basic items or Ted Baker for the more quirky and colourful accessories.

- Wooden crate from IKEA and some twine. I love the raw and rustic gift packaging, it's not expensive and is quite practical (could be used as storage for dad's whiskey collection...) To make it look like a present use a bit of twine and you're done! If you can't get to IKEA, don't worry! Lot's of places do amazing wooden crates or wire baskets that will do perfectly (check out the home section of TK Maxx)

This is just one of the ways you could assemble the hamper, but really, anything goes: books, DVDs, gardening tools, fishing accessories, cigars - whatever your dad will enjoy most!

Easy Father's Day DIY

It's so easy to make and will show Dad you have put lots of thought and heart into the gift. Give it a try!

What are you giving your dad this year?

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