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So here we are, mid-July, kitted out with scarfs and brollies. Not all that an unlikely scene when you reside in Dublin's fair city, but a little disheartening nonetheless. Having just returned from a week's mini-mooning  on a Sicilian beach, I'm still in full beach bum mode and have yet to put a heated appliance near my hair. I'm really not one for makeup on the beach, with a little waterproof mascara being about as glam as I'll get with my toes in the sand. That said, there are a few little warmer weather gems I love whenever I get to escape somewhere hot...

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Tangle Teaser,  €15.99

With a mane that turns into a blonde fro at the slightest hint of humidity, the tangle teaser will always be my beach buddy, especially after a dip in the sea. Effortless in detangling with minimal breakage, I can't recommend this enough for long hair.


Kerastase Bain Aprés Soleil Shampoo,  €19.00

I first received this as a gift a few years back and have been buying it ever since as a holiday essential. An 'after-sun hair bath' this is a great shampoo for damage control against the effects of sun exposure, chlorine and salt water which is particularly good on colour treated hair.


Essie Nail Paint in Love & Acceptance,  €13.99

This is one of my alltime favourite nail shades. It's a beautiful nudey grey with a little lilac undertone and gorgeous for beachy toes. It's the one colour I come back to again and again!


Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector SPF 50, €32.00

Being of the fair skinned variety, I at best will turn a light golden shade in the sun, and only after years of hot pink burned skin did I eventually give up on my mahogany dream. Protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the best anti-aging prevention steps you can take, and not just the skin on your face. Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector SPF 50 is a new favourite of mine and having lay out in the 40+ degree last week in Sicily, I'm not even a hint of pink- result.


MAC False Lashes Waterproof, €23.50

If there is one item of make-up that's the exception to my bare-face beach mantra, it's  MAC False Lashes Waterproof Mascara. I find there's an instantly wide-awake result from this mascara and no grimey transfer onto the under-eye area even in sweltering heat.


L'Occitane Imortelle Precious Mist,  €17.00

The most gorgeous hydrating mist that I like to pull out of my beach bag when approaching 'sweaty mess' territory. There's a lot more in this than just your average Evian water mist, including my favourite Hyluronic Acid to plump skin and soothing alpha-bisabolol to calm any redness.


EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm with SPF 15,  €6.95

Packed with conditioning oils and softening Vitamin E, truth be told I've a bit of an addiction to all EOS lip balm spheres. This little beauty has the added benefit of SPF 15, which is essential in the sun- ordinary lip balms that just add moisture will actually promote burning, so make sure there's an SPF thrown in for good measure (EOS can be a difficult brand to source over here but is available on Cloud 10 beauty).

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Radical Skin Perfecting Sunscreen,  €54.00*

This gorgeously light mineral facial sunscreen works in a primer style beneath make-up and has the added benefit of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which gives a lovely glowy quality on application. This is an everyday product for me, but especially important on beach days!

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*Price approx on sterling to euro conversion, 31.07.2015