Summer Hair Trends 2015


Summer Hair Trends 2015

Summer is here! As in twenty degree’s at eight o’clock in the morning summer! And alongside nicely tanned limbs and lighter makeup comes summer hair. Every summer has an element of beachy wave that works for beach bums and festival goers in equal measures, it’s also lovely to relax a little on the heat styling and embrace an natural wave in your hair- any excuse to lock away the hairdryer (I hate hairdryers). Beachy waves aside, there are a few other hair trends for summer 2015 that we love…



Not quite brunette, not quite blonde, bronde incorporates the best of both. Bronde has a soft brunette base combined with a mixture of blonde and caramel tones running through the hair. The hair experts at Zeba advise that the tones can be highlighted or in the form of freehand pieces tailored through the hair. The tones can be either cool or warm, and the base can be as deep as the clients prefers.

70's Shag

70’s Shaggy Bob

Thanks to Cheryl Cole Versini, this is the next step in the Lob revolution! Zeba hair styling guru’s explain the 70’s shag is typically worn layered and tapered to the shape of the head at the back and complete with a soft base line. The cut is then dropped to the preferred length in the front with a shattered base line. The 70s Shag can be tailored depending on your face shape and is a great low maintenance do if time is not on your side in the mornings (and I for one will always take five minutes extra in bed over early morning GHD sessions).

Mini Plaits1

Micro Plaits

I love this trend. Having spent every classroom roll-call as a teenybopper practicing my mini plaits I’m pretty much an expert by now. Temporary, quick and completely doable without the help of a professional, these teeny tiny tousled plaits are just gorgeous for festivals and holiday hair, plus for bonus points they actually look better in messier hair. First seen at Vera Wang, they’re since popping up everywhere. For something a little more evening glam, section of the front of your hair into three or four parts and loosely plait pulling toward the back as you go to achieve a messy, relaxed updo.

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