Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Mask


Hydraluron Sheet Mask

I've been a big fan of Indeed Labs for some time now and especially love their Hydraluron moisture boosting facial serum. This little gem has featured in many a post, and functions as a type of pre-moisturiser prep. Having heard great things about their Moisture Boosting Sheet Mask, I popped into Boots last week to grab a bottle of water and came out with a pack of these terrifying, but apparently quite effective sheet masks (this happens a lot).

So a few starter points with sheet masks, they’re part of the whole Korean skincare craze and they’re not one to pull out in front of a new boyfriend- when I say terrifying I mean they’re startling in an ‘axe murderer who snuck into your bedroom to watch you sleep’ kind of way.

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of sheet masks, I found this one a little sticky and gloopy. Application is slippery but fine (complete with eye holes, a nose and mouth slit) and does stay in place without shifting for the full 15 minutes, it’s just the initial application that grosses me out a little.

I’ve intentionally spared you the creepy sheet mask selfie, nobody needs that visual in their feed on a Monday morning. The claim is that the timed release hydrulonic acid leaves your skin ‘softer, smoother, plumped and glowing’. So really like an intensified version of Hydraluron serum.

I sat patiently (while himself sat opposite me taking burst shots of my face situation) for the fifteen minutes before peeling away the sheet, massaging in any residual serum and finally applying my usual moisturiser. And the results? A little underwhelming I'm afraid. Softer and smoother? Yes, my seriously dry skin is definitely more hydrated and feels a little smoother. Plumped and glowing? Sadly not. Or not yet anyway. Apparently the result intensify with each use and I still have two creepy sheet masks to go,  so I’m not giving up on this on just yet.

The only other thumbs down is a slight breakout on my cheek the next day, I never generally get breakouts on my cheek so I’m a little suspect if this is from the mask. Being firmly on team Hydraluron I so badly want to love this product and still hold out high hopes for my next couple of masks, but as of first use its more of a lukewarm like at best.

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