Travel Diaries: Beautiful Sicily



All of three and a half weeks ago we tied the knot. After a whirlwind four month engagement, the stars aligned and our Big Day turned out to be everything we could have hoped for. With such a tight wedding planning timeline, we decided to leave our long-haul honeymoon until a little later in the year when we could properly plan it out and put some thought into it, and so a three and a half hour flight to spend a week eating all the pizza in Sicily was our plan of action following the Big Day.




Beautiful Sicily is very hot and picturesque in a move-set kind of way and very romantic. By hot, I’m talking upwards of 38 degree’s, so a lot of our time was spent cooling off in the luke-warm sea (in between pizza eating of course).




A lovely local called Alex brought us out in his boat one day and anchored near the caves, allowing us our own private dip  much further out than we could have swam ourselves.



We stayed in a very old little town called Taormina, right by the foot of Mt. Etna, which you could see puffing out smoke every now and then. The locals didn’t bat an eyelid at this, so we followed suit and sipped a little more Prosecco to take the edge of thoughts of waking up to a lava pool outside our bedroom window…!




And so with belly’s full of pesto gnocchi followed by pistachio gelato, and a week’s snoozing on the beach done, we returned to Ireland only to put the heating on and fish out my wooly socks. Summertime Irish style!

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