Travel Essentials: The Skinny Makeup Bag Edit


Travel Essentials: The Skinny Makeup Bag Edit

I used to bring an absolute ton of makeup traveling but it seems that, with packing in general, the older I get, the less stuff I try to bring... emphasis on try! On my recent holiday I have managed to condense my makeup bag to an absolute minimum and have a little makeup detox along the way.

I didn't have many gatherings planned, with visiting a restaurant with my husband being the as formal as it got. All I wanted was a glowing, even complexion and a bit help in the brow area (which I need at all times). For my base I went with a beauty balm from Urban Decay*, it gives a little bit of sun-kissed colour and enough coverage to feel comfortable but not plastered in makeup.

The next base item was my trusty Urban Decay All Nighter Spray*, which is a must in hot weather! I love using it over the beauty balm instead of powder to keep the everything in place. It keeps my skin looking fresh and feels amazing just as a little pick-me-up spritz during the day.

In light (haha, get it??) of strobing apparently being the new contouring I substituted my trusty Chanel Bronzer, which comes in absolutely giant packaging, for this tiny Top Shop Glow highlighter, which I love! It's an absolutely gorgeous shade and looks quite natural, even in harsh sunlight.

For my eyes I decided to also go minimal and only packed my Urban Decay Primer Potion and eye lash curler (I don't go anywhere without that!) The primer was not an essential item as I knew I was going to be spending most of my time outdoors with sunglasses glued to my head, but I do get quite oily eyelids which is, to say the least, slightly unattractive. This particular primer has been a staple in my makeup bag - it's brilliant under eyeshadow but also amazing at covering up any little veins or redness that might show up on the lids.

Finally, one of my all time favourite products, the Benefit Gimme Brow. I need lots and lots of help in the brow department and this little gem is just perfect! It gives me some volume and definition, while being really easy to apply and, most importantly, tiny.

So these were the products I used on a daily basis on my holiday. As you can see, there was no need to pack makeup brushes so my makeup bag this time round was tiny. It felt strangely liberating not having too much choice or spending time thinking about what to put on my face. It was my little makeup detox that now has me ready and excited for all the beautiful Autumn/Winter makeup that's been popping up everywhere lately.

What are your holiday staples? Would love to hear your recommendations!

*PR Samle

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