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It’s back to school time! Which means nothing to me except for outstandingly heavy traffic this week. I’ve long since sat in a classroom and don’t yet have any little people in tiny uniforms with Spiderman backpacks. I do however have an unexplainable stationary habit. I mean its borderline worrying. I think nothing of price-tags that rival clothes for a gold polkadot planner or cleverly captioned pencil case (and yes I know nobody over college-going age actually needs a pencil case, admittedly this is an unreasonable want on my part).

I take comfort in the fact that clearly I’m not alone here. The likes of Kate Spade and have cashed in on my weak spot with their ridiculously beautiful (and in the case of Kate Spade horrifically expensive) grown-up stationary, which extends to workplace essentials like travel mugs and gold staplers, not to mention the occasional Parisian-inspired porcelain ‘catch-all’. My current favorites are looking a little like this…

Stationary Geek

(Clockwise from top left)

Kate Spade ‘Cold Hands, Warm Heart Travel Mug, €26.00, available at Avoca

BAN.DO ‘Petit Secrets’ Catch-all Porcelain tray, €28.00,

Delusional Pouch, €19.00, My Shining Armour Sweet Talk Pens, €19.50,

Kate Spade Home Desk Organization Tackle Box, €41.00 (approx), Amazon UK

KATE SPADE 2016 17-Month Large Agenda - €46.00, My Shining Armour

BAN.DO BACK ME UP! Mobile charger €27.00,

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