The Fashion Edit: Oversized Grey Coat + Giant Sunnies

The Grey CoatThere are few wardrobe staples as satisfying as the perfect coat! Grey is the colour of choice this season, it's one of those colours that are elegant, so easy to wear & super versatile. This oversized grey coat from Zara is a recent purchase and one of my favourite pieces in my current wardrobe (you may have seen us mentioning it here... and here...)


Due to my laziness I have taken to wearing practically no makeup on the weekends and the giant glasses, that are taking up most of my face, help out a lot in the disguising the black under-eye department when I do decide to leave my house. Big glasses + a bit of lipstick and it looks like you made an effort! I tell you, this is the answer to many a beauty dilemma!

Sunglasses - Spoilt Bitch Club Top - Zara Coat - Zara Jeans - Topshop Shoes - New Balance (Office)

Dog - Oscar The Cutie Pie

IMG_9892 IMG_9898 (1)

Hope you like the outfit!

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