Apartment Therapy: Beauty Clutter Detox


Her Clutterbox 1Considering I’m someone who seeks out a level of Zen in my life through yoga and an aromatherapy candles habit, when it comes to a Zen living environment, we’re not even close. There’s a lot of clutter floating about our tiny apartment. This mostly comes in the form of makeup and skincare, no big surprise there. I love my makeup and skincare products, and it’s not that I buy them mindlessly but more so that our cosy living space came with practically zero storage. As a rental, we’re limited in terms of how we can introduce storage as everything must be free-standing, which is why I quickly developed a love affair with my Her Clutterbox.

My makeup clutter was at a point where if I need an eyeliner sharpener, it’s easier to just go with a different liner than try find one in my many bursting Ikea beauty drawers. I’d carefully arrange drawers by theme such as eye palette’s, face masks, tans etc. only to completely forget what stored in each and use what’s within closest reach- out of sight out of mind!

There’s something genius behind Her Clutterbox being clear; meaning you’re not hiding anything out of sight- you can see exactly what you have. This means I actually use what I have and not just whatever’s reachable.


It also comes with movable inserts to divide and organise your beauty clutter. This allows you to be as painfully pedantic around your makeup organisation as your inner Monica desires. It also stops lipsticks & concealers rolling all over the place as they’re tucked neatly into their compartments.

The drawers are stacked at different heights which is great, allowing the larger bottom drawer to stash brush rolls, tans and any larger palettes, while the top drawer has handy a flip-top that's perfect for any taller products to stand upright. On stocking my Her Clutterbox I inadvertently cleared out my beauty clutter, and can now see what I have and know where it is when I need it.

I’ve decided allocate a single drawer to organise my ‘daily face essentials’; so basically whatever day-to-day foundation, eye makeup and lip colour I’m using this week; making my morning beauty routine smugly streamlined. I invest a lot in my kit and now can actually see what I have. Beauty Zen at its finest!

My Her Clutterbox is the Crystal Clear Four Drawer, available here , priced €139.99.

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