Beauty Nutrition: Tailoring Supplements


Beauty Nutrition: Tailoring Supplements | Pink elephant Blog.

Having half-heartedly popped multivitamins on and off, mainly whenever the seasons are changing or exhaustion has knocked me sideways, I rarely if ever have noticed any proper benefits. Admittedly this may be down to my lack of consistency on the pill-popping part, but even when on a particularly organised roll with them, I never felt a real difference from my daily dose of alphabetized nutrition. That was until I binned my multivitamins and fell upon a happy accident that turned into a kind of bespoke supplement plan.

Vitamin E | And so as recommended by a runner pal, I started on Vitamin E to help my body recover from long runs. Just vitamin E. No A’s, B group, or C’s, just lonely old E. And it did help. Not only that, but my lack-lustre hair began to properly boast lengthiness for the first time in forever. My nails and skin were doing equally impressive things. Vitamin E is the king of growth and cell repair. This got me thinking that instead of popping a multivitamin that’s not yielding any benefits, maybe a more tailored approach is the way to go.

Beauty Nutrition: Tailoring Supplements | Pink Elephant Blog.

Zinc | Another conversation with a friend a short time later, led me onto Zinc. Again, as a standalone single-ingredient mineral supplement. And again I felt the benefits in no time. Zinc is found in every tissue in the body and is a powerful antioxidant which is commonly deficient in our diets, especially amongst any veggies. It also significantly supports female reproductive health. The immunity boosting properties of zinc are what I’m most impressed with. Come this time of year I’m always sick. And yet this year, although surrounded by a Lemsip downing husband and more than a few chesty pals, there’s yet to be a sniffle out of me. Impressive.

Iron | Along with many other ladies, I'm lacking in iron. Anytime I go to donate blood, my iron levels are borderline as to whether I can donate or get sent home. I eat red meat and lots of dark green leafy spinach, all of which are bursting with iron, but still am somehow deficient. I take my iron supplement with a glass of orange juice because A) I love orange juice but can rarely justify drinking it (check out that sugar content) and B) the vitamin C is needed for iron absorption.

Beauty Nutrition: Tailoring Supplements | Pink Elephant Blog.

Cranberry Supplement | Lastly on my tailor-made supplement plan is cranberry supplements. I seem to love a kidney infection and it’s the most common reason for me to have to take antibiotics. GP’s always advise to drink cranberry juice, but have you read the label? It’s mostly sugar and water with a tiny percentage of cranberry juice- most likely because cranberries are no friend of the taste bud. Yet by taking it in supplement form you’re getting a seriously stronger concentrate of cranberry goodness, less the sugar crash. This is also a great one for detoxing the body and boosting your lymphatic system.

I generally don’t take more than a single month dosage of any of the above back to back, and try keep my diet as balanced as possible. I’m by no means a healthcare professional, but this is what’s worked for me and is the first time I’ve genuinely noticed a difference in my overall health and energy levels from supplements.

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