Dry Skin Fix: Clinique Smart Treatment Oil


Clinique Smart Treatment OilMy skin is prone to dryness, especially in colder weather. The combination of full on car heating (and I mean as hot as it will go!) and colder outside temperatures wreaks havoc on my skin, leaving if dried out and a little lackluster. I know hydration has a big part to play here, so I religiously guzzle water throughout the day, take vitamin E supplements and could rival a newborn on the napping stakes, but find I still need a little something extra during these colder months to get that full, plump and hydrated complexion.

Facial oils have been a longstanding love of mine, in fact throw in cleansing oils and dry body oils there too. I’ve tried them all, some I ‘ve loved and others would take or leave.

I recently got to try out Clinique’s latest facial oil offering, Smart Treatment Oil. Admittedly Clinique is a brand that had somewhat fell off my skincare radar in recent times and having used this I feel like I’ve been missing a trick.  Instantly absorbable, I’m torn between wanting to douse the whole bottle on my face and using the teeniest, tiny drop in order to make it last longer.

Dry Skin Fix

As with all Clinique skincare, Smart Treatment Oil is fragrance free which I love. Packed with plant oils and rich in anti-oxidants, there’s almost a serum-like quality to this oil which I cannot get enough of.

There’s an immediate noticeable moisture boost every time I use this; something which I’ve struggled to find before. Complete with a glass-like plastic bottle perfect for travel and those prone to dropping, like me. Application takes the form of a dropper style lid to allow you precisely control how much product you apply.

Clinique Smart Treatment Oil is priced €44.00 and available from Clinique counters nationwide.

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