Voya Face Mask: Glowing Skin From The Depths Of The Sea


Voya Face Mask: Glowing Skin From The Depths Of The Sea | Pink Elephant Blog.

With all the pollution out there and the general stress of daily life it's inevitable that most of us need some help with our lacklustre completions. I am always up for trying a nice clay mask, I have tried loads and loads over the years and have a good few favourites. Even though the competition is strong in the clay mask department, I was really blown away by the effects of the new Voya Get Glowing Illuminating Clay Mask

Voya Face Mask: Glowing Skin From The Depths Of The Sea | Pink Elephant Blog.

Voya is a gorgeous Irish brand from Sligo and you may have heard about them already. They are famous for their seaweed baths and a range of high quality products and spa treatments.

So, a little bit about the Get Glowing Face Mask... As mentioned it is a clay based mask that contains a lovely cocktail of beauty boosting ingredients that exfoliate the complexion, improve circulation and nourish the skin. The mask contains hand harvested seaweed which is extremely rich in minerals and boasts a number of skin benefits (it's rich in vitamins, detoxifies the skin, has youth-boosting properties... I could go on!)

This mask is definitely not one of those that leave you wondering "Is it actually doing anything" while the it is sitting on your face. There is definitely a mild tingling, which I really like and you can see the improvement of skin texture straight away. Because the mask improves the circulation of your skin it can make you temporarily flush a little bit so make sure you don't keep it on longer than the recommended 10 minutes! This makes the mask perfect for those of us with dull complexions and skin types prone to oiliness and congestion. I would however not recommend it to anyone who suffers from rosacea (or any kind of sensitivity) as products like this one can add to the discomfort and redness in your skin.

On my skin (dehydrated + prone to excess oil & congestion) the mask worked a treat! It left me with gorgeously glowing & plump skin that looked less tired and dull. The mask is very enjoyable to use & has a really pleasant smell, which isn't always the case with clay masks. It's also a fabulous spot treatment - I just dab a little bit onto the blemish before going to bed and leave it to do it's magic overnight.

The mask costs €38 and is available in House of Fraser & selected spas.

It's not the cheapest but worth every penny in my opinion. You only need a tiny bit at a time so it should last you for a good while. We are approaching the silly season and this mask would make a fabulous Christmas present for any skincare lover!

Have you tried this mask yet?

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