Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette


Hourglass Edit Palette

As a self-confessed beauty product fanatic, there comes along a product every once in a while that gets me properly excited. I’m talking little-kid-at-Christmas excited. Hourglass limited edition Ambient Lighting Edit palette was just that product. Having joined the Space NK waiting list over a month before its official release date, I’ve harassed their very patient sales assistants with multiple calls checking on the arrival status.  Not normal I know, but necessary should (God forbid) some other palette junkie gets in there before me and swoop the small shipment just as they’re being stocked on counter. And so on getting my ‘it’s arrived!’ phone call, I immediately changed my evenings plans to make a detour into Space NK.


As with all Hourglass products, the packaging is glossy, grown-up and understated. The magic lies with what’s inside. Perfectly encompassed in a glossy rose gold outer, sits six beautiful ambient lighting skin finishers. Ambient lighting skin finishers have gained cult status in the beauty world, and with good reason. They provide brightening, highlighting and contouring finishes with a beautiful iridescent softness, the idea being they mimic a similar soft glow to different kinds of lighting.

They are literally a ‘healthy glow’ all packaged up and ready to go. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette is basically a wardrobe of perfecting powders, featuring five bestsellers:

Hourglass edit swatches

(Swatches from left to right)

Luminous Flush | A golden rose blush with a luminous finish.

Mood Exposure | A  brightening plum blush with golden tones .

Luminous Bronze Light | A medium soft tan shade, ideal for gentle highlighting.

Hourglass edit highlighter swatches

(Swatches from left to right)

Dim Light | A peachy toned perfecting highlighter.

Diffused Light | A calming soft yellow, to conceal discolourations.

It also features one new addition, Iridescent Strobe Light, a pearlescent refining powder, more of a true highlighter. The tops three shades are designed to contour, highlight and set, while the bottom three are for blushing and bronzing. I’m still playing around with colour combinations and can honestly say I love every shade in this palette individually.

The powder pans are a little smaller than last years trio palette, but having such luminous finishes it's not the type of product I'd sweep all over my face anyway, so a smaller brush for more detailed application works perfectly here.

Coming in at €70.00, this isn’t at all bad value when you consider an individual Ambient Light finishing powder will set you back somewhere around the €45.00 mark, while an Ambient Light blush comes in around the €32.50 (depending on where you buy) plus the selection allows for all sorts of colour combining to tailor the skin finish your after. This is definitely going to be my Christmas go-to palette!

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