Beauty Basics: The Art of Brush Cleansing


Beauty Basics: Brush Cleansing

Unfortunately, if you apply makeup with brushes keeping them clean is key. It's not only hygienic (you wouldn't want to know the amount of bacteria on a dirty makeup brush!!!) but makes them last longer too. If you have a lot of brushes the whole thing can be a bit of a pain but it just has to be done! 

In an ideal world you would deep clean your brushes every few uses but let's be honest here, ain't nobody got time for that! I do this probably a couple of times a month & spot clean them with MAC Brush Cleanser on a little bit of kitchen towel if they get dirty in-between my big cleans.

Brush Cleaning 1

For the deep clean, however, my weapon of choice is the Dr Bronner's Magic Soap (the one I have at the moment is rose scented). It's inexpensive, gentle, comes in a variety of gorgeous natural scents, and above all, cleans my brushes quickly and thoroughly. The process is easy... I put on some tunes and get to work. First, I wet the brushes with a little bit of lukewarm water, pour a few drops of the soap into the palm of my hand  and swirl the wet brushes in it, making sure that they lather up (foundation brushes may take a couple of goes). I then rinse the brushes clean, wring them out gently with my fingers to remove excess water and place them on the edge of my counter on a clean towel. That's it!

Brush Cleansing 2

After all this the palm of your had will be exfoliated really well but it's worth it! Your brushes will be like new!

P.S. Dr Bronner's can often be found in TK Maxx. Alternatively you can use any gentle 2-in-1 shampoo.

How do you like to clean your brushes?

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