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I love nail polish but can’t stand the chipping. Considering it’s a pet hate of mine, it’s a wonder how my poor nails are often a little worse for wear in terms of chipping. A long-lasting bonded gel nail colour or Shellac is of course the obvious answer, but last year I really overdone it and after one too many back-to-back Shellac applications I could really feel how weak my nails had become.

And then a varnish like Nails Inc comes along with their Nails Inc Pro Gel Effect polish, promising the best of both worlds and I get very excited! (Products like this really bring me more happiness than they should…!) Boasting claims of long-lasting, gel-like glossiness paired up with what has to be one of my favorite colour lines (along with Essie’s nail palette) I was pretty much sold before trying. With no UV required for bonding or acetone soak off, these polishes are streets ahead of gels when it comes to non-damaging nail love.

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The two colours I instantly gravitated towards were Piccadilly Terrace, a beautiful minky neutral and Regents Park Place, a muted lilac undertoned blue, a little similar to Barry M Gelly in Blueberry and perfect for the beachy portion of my upcoming honeymoon; is it just me or does anyone else absolutely have to rock a bright colour on toes for the beach? As in its upsetting for me to wear any regular run-of-the-mill colours when it comes to lazing in the sand!

Each shade boasts an impressive science bit, enriched with volcanic glass and polyester resin, on top of shellac elements. It’s recommended to apply with the Nails Inc Revolutionary base coat & self-curing top coat, but on top of being sold out, I really couldn’t justify adding yet more nail primers & top coats to my current loot, so I paired up with an OPI base coast and a recent favourite topcoat, Essence XXXL Volume Gel-Look Plumping topcoat, also claiming a plumping gel-like finish and for buttons on the pricing front.

Pink Elephant Blog Nails Inc Regents Park Place

The finish is glossy and plump, very similar to a gel colour and definitely long-lasting, even being as hard wearing on polishes as I am. I noticed that I got longer out of the Nails Inc polishes which has me now thinking I will cave and buy the Nails Inc base & top coat if for no other reason than to up the lasting-power even more.

I’m definitely planning on getting more Nails Inc Pro Gel Effect polishes. Eaton Mews is the most gorgeous berry colour while Sloan Terrace is on my list for springtime, a gorgeous delicate but bright pink.

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