Kissy Lips


Kissy Lips

Do you know that feeling when your lips turn to sandpaper? If not, you are a lucky and I am jealous! I struggle with dry lips all the time, partly it's probably genetic but the fact that I am terrible at drinking water and therefore constantly dehydrated (which is bad on so many levels). I'm working on it but in the meantime I have developed a few shortcuts that turn my make my lips super soft. 

Believe me, there is nothing worse than applying lipstick onto dry lips! Valentine's Day or not, your lips should always be kiss-ready, you never know what might happen...!

The Last Minute DIY Method

Kissy Lips

This is a way of exfoliating your lips without having to invest in lip scrubs and can be done practically on the go (I have done this in a taxi before!) with stuff you most likely already have at home. All you need is your favourite lip balm and a couple of cotton buds. My lip balm of choice is currently the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 but really, anything will do! Apply a generous layer to your lips, a good bit more than you would normally use, and then go to town with a cotton bud! You need to basically rub away any dry skin. Do this for a couple of minutes, the lip balm will have sunken in and your lips should be super smooth. The added bonus of this method is that all the rubbing improves circulation and makes your lips really plump

The Sugar Scrub Method

Kissy Lips

A lip scrub is something you can either buy or make yourself at home (here's a really handy recipe with a few flavour options) or buy one. Fresh do some absolutely fabulous ones but they are a bit difficult to get your hands on here in Ireland. I usually go for one from Lush (most of the time I go for Mint Julips but this one has adorable pink hearts in it), it's great, does the job and is edible so technically could be used on the go, might just get a bit messy. I prefer using it at home over the sink to be honest. This method will definitely give you a deeper exfoliation than the cotton bud option. All you need to do is rub the scrub of your choice all over your lips and then take it off with a wash cloth (or indeed just lick it off if you want to!)

There you have it: two easy and ways to get your lips looking irresistible! Mwah!

What's your favourite remedy for dry and chapped lips?

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