3 Trends I Won't Be Getting On Board With


3 Trends I Won't Be Getting On Board WithTrends... something that I am never quite sure of. I don't consider myself particularly trendy - my first priority in everything is comfort, so that excludes a multitude of really fashionable things from my repertoire. Some trends I've absolutely loved through! I bought a fuzzy coat a la Gwen Stefani, lots of crop tops and I am really keen on some of those bomber jackets that are around right now. But these three are just some I will definitely be giving a miss... 

3 Trends I Won't Be Getting On Board WithOne: Brown Lipstick

This is a funny one. I've seen brown lippy look amazing on some girls but it's just something that does not work on me at all. I don't know if it's my skin tone but I looked horrendous (HORRENDOUS!) every time I tried! I could possibly pull of a browny shade of burgundy but that's about it! *Sighs*

3 Trends I Won't Be Getting On Board With

Two: Coriander

It is in everything! To be fair, I really, really tried to like it but no, I just can't get on board with the coriander thing. It makes everything taste of vile soap. I am not a fussy eater by any means (raw beef, fermented cabbage.. no bother!) and I will try everything at least once. I think I have given coriander its chance, it just won't be happening between us.

3 Trends I Won't Be Getting On Board With

Three: Coffin Shaped Nails

Now this is one that I really don't get. Coffin shaped anything is definitely not my thing! To be completely honest I just don't like long nails full stop - it all comes back to the main criterion, comfort! With nails like these I don't think I would be able to function - how do you even open and close your jeans? There must be some serious skills involved!

Are there any trends you can't get your head around?

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