Holy Grail Skincare: Alpha H Liquid Gold


IMG_5482Every now and then there comes along a Holy Grail product that has me feeling a little late to the party; wondering how I only now am discovering it. Alpha H Liquid Gold is that product. Having heard about its cult status, this little gem somehow slipped beneath my skincare radar until recently.

In all honesty I’m very lucky when it comes to breakouts (*touch wood!) and even as a teenager I had pretty clear skin for the most part. With the exception of the odd small hormonal breakout, I’ve relatively easy going combination skin. That said it can definitely be a little on the lackluster side, even with my pretty impressive eight step nightly routine - one of the only things I’m a little obsessive about.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is basically a resurfacing and firming treatment for diminishing wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. Designed with ‘every other night’ usage in mind (so say Monday, Wednesday & Friday) the multi action formula is enriched with silk proteins, licorice extract and Glycolic Acid. It works to awaken the skin's metabolism, tightening enlarged pores while creating a brighter, clearer complexion. It’s also a pillar product for acne sufferers.

To be used post-cleanse, moisten a cotton pad with water-like solution and apply evenly over the face, neck and décolleté. As the formula does contain Glycolic Acid, its best to avoid your eye and lip area. Also this is one that should be first tried sparingly if you’ve particularly sensitive skin. Likened by many to an ‘overnight facial’ (which I’ll testify to!) leave the formula ‘uninterrupted’ by further application of night creams, serums etc.


The results are impressive and speedy. My skin was post-facial soft after first application, with make-up gliding onto my skin. A little tip we picked up from Tom Ogden, Alpha H’s training director and QVC guru, is to apply what’s left on the cotton pad to the backs of hands to keep the area age-defiantly smooth. His hands are ridiculously smooth, unblemished and youthful. Tom’s other top tip is sunscreen. Something we’ve all heard before but the study results he revealed to us were staggering, it’s the single best thing you can do for your skin when it comes to anti-aging. Alpha H do a beautiful sunscreen that I’ve upped my game with, boasting factor 50 in a gorgeous non-greasy, corrective tone formula that doubles up as a primer. Have you tried any Alpha H skincare?

Alpha H Liquid Gold is priced €39.95

Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ is priced €44.95

Alpha H  is available from Cloud Ten beauty and M&S beauty halls.

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