Lazy Girl Healthy Eating | Three Quick & Easy Recipes


As much as we love a decent cheeseburger or midweek trip to Aungier Danger, it’s all too easy to tip the balance to between ‘now and then’ and ‘every other day’. I genuinely do enjoy healthy eating and go for whole foods where possible, particularly if they’re easy to prepare. The health benefits of keeping processed foods to a minimum, or cutting them out if you really mean business, are huge, but nothing can ruin good intentions more than hunger pangs paired up with a badly stocked fridge (‘hello Domino’s.....’)

Here is three of our quick and easy favorite’s that although not 100% saintly, are definitely in the right direction when it comes to eating right.

Make Over Your Morning: Berry Smoothie Bowl
Make Over Your Morning: Berry Smoothie Bowl

Morning Smoothie Bowls

Debatably the most instagrammable breakfast there is, smoothie bowls are a new favorite. Aesthetics aside, the bowl concept allows you to pack denser ingredients into your morning smoothie like avocado and chia which not only add essential fatty acids necessary to absorb vitamin A, D, E & K but also ups the fullness factor, decreasing the likelihood of a mid-morning pastry party breaking out. Also artfully arranged toppings are realistically something for the weekend, layering extra’s on top fistful at a time is perfectly acceptable midweek while applying mascara and answering emails…! Check out our favourite smoothie bowl combo's here, here and here.

The Morning After The Night Before: Hangover Food
The Morning After The Night Before: Hangover Food

Mexican Eggs

Ridiculously tasty and high in protein that we need for cell repair especially if working out, eggs are a go to meal for breakfast lunch and dinner at our house. A great Mexican twist on eggs is this recipe, which also happened to be our favourite hangover cure..! Corn tortillas are naturally lower in carbohydrates than flour ones, and the spicy kick of a little chilli pepper boosts antioxidants, including vitamin C and carotenoids, which can also help improve insulin regulation. Admittedly Chorizo is high in fat and sodium, but also rich in Choline and vitamin B-12, a nutrient that supports nerve communication and aids in oxygen transport. All combined into one tasty, five minute meal that will set you up for the day. Also, makes a great lazy dinner after a long week.

Easy Panzanella Salad | Pink Elephant Blog

Panzanella Salad

The word salads denotes feelings of ‘meh’ for many, and I reckon this is down to them generally not being filling enough. Panzella salad is a Tuscan creation that’s a proper meal, especially served up alongside a protein like grilled seasoned chicken. Yes there is bread in this recipe and yes bread does have carbs… a great option is to use a sourdough loaf which neutralizes the phytic acid molecules found in other bread. This would normally bind with other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, making these important nutrients less absorbable to us in white bread. I’ve just given you reasonable justification to eat sourdough bread – you are welcome! The beauty of this recipe is it breathes life into stale bread, so great for a day old loaf. Also as its bursting with tomatoes and olive oil, so right there you’ve got a nutrient powerhouse of vitamin A, C, E & K, potassium and monounsaturated fatty acids. Hello glossy hair and great skin! You can check out the full recipe here or our easy tutorial below...