Perfect Lashes aka The LVL Experiment

Perfect Lashes aka The LVL Experiment | Pink Elephant Blog

Quite frankly, I was looking for an excuse to visit OSLO Beauty, a beautiful salon in Dublin's Mespil Road, purely to stare at their scandi interiors, but as I was perusing their salon menu online, I spotted LVL - something I have been interested in for ages. Lisa Eldridge filmed a video where she gets the LVL treatment done and I have been intrigued ever since. If it's good enough for Lisa... 

The thing is, my lashes are not the best. I've moaned so much on this blog about how short & straight they are, which means I always have to curl them. Always! Even if I go completely sans makeup my lashes will be curled. If my lashes are not curled I basically look like I have no eyes, and that's never a good look.

Perfect Lashes aka The LVL Experiment | Pink Elephant Blog

But back to the interesting stuff though... LVL is basically a lash perm and stands for Lift, Volume & Lenght. LVL straightens your natural eyelashes at the very root which lifts the lashes and makes them appear longer. The volume part is a lash tint added at the end of the treatment. The results are instant and the effect is meant to last six to eight weeks which is impressive. I can also attest to the entire procedure being totally painless, which is not what I have heard about regular lash perms! I actually fell asleep.

Perfect Lashes aka The LVL Experiment | Pink Elephant Blog

I am currently in the first week of my new lashes but I'm already addicted. As I write this I am sitting in a room full of people without having curled my lashes or put any mascara on at all. I love the fact that this is what my lashes look like all the time! It really makes a huge difference to the way my eyes look, I absolutely love it!

The treatment will not be for you if your lashes are naturally very curled and long but for all you gals with straight lashes this is pretty much the answer to your prayers! I would highly recommend this treatment as well as checking out OSLO Beauty if you are based in Dublin!

At Oslo LVL costs €55 which is really not bad if you would get it done once every two months or so...

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