Body Fix | Easy Steps to Reducing Cellulite

How to ged rid of cellulite

Ah, cellulite, one of the many advantages of being a woman. Annoying yet often unavoidable, it's a result of the way our bodies store fat in parallel shaped pillars which act as compartments and often result in those adorable dimples and bumps we all love so much. Male bodies don't store fat in the same way and so it's generally not an issue for the man in your life. There's equality for you! 

If there was a magic pill to completely rid our bodies of dreaded cellulite you can bet your ass it would be a sell-out - hints of cellulite will affect up to 90% of us at some stage. It's worth remembering that we all need body fat to function, cellulite is just the visibility of these parallel fat-stores which often become apparent as our collagen levels decrease after a certain age - even the skinniest of girls get it (including Victoria's Secret Angels..!). Estrogen is said to be another factor in the mix, but being female there's not really much we can do about that one.

I really don't believe it's something worth stressing or losing sleep over, but there are some steps you can take to increase the firmness and texture of problem areas. Daily body brushing is something I'm a big advocate of, but it's time-consuming, boring and pretty much the last thing you want to take on when a hot shower awaits at the end of a long day. Body brushing boosts your lymphatic drainage system, helping toxins leave the body more efficiently - which is exactly what we want.

Body Brushing for Cellulite

Remington have recently launched the Reveal Wet & Dry rotating body brush (€50.00 available from Littlewoods), an absolute find if body brushing is your thing. It includes a wet and dry brush attachment; one of which is designed to be used dry (which I find to be the most it's) and one that's for wet , in the shower. I'd been searching for something along these lines for a long time, and this little gem is a new staple for me. Hand held with no plug or wire attachments and two speeds (click once for regular or twice to boost the rotations). This brushing motion also boosts circulation and exfoliates the skin, so perfect for pre-tan prep also. Use in the direction of the heart to boost your lymphatic drainage, which is apparently more effective when done in the morning.

When it comes to creamsyou can spend half your salary on little jars which make big claims, but what you're really on the look out for is active ingredients such as caffeine my favourite hyaluronic acid - a substance naturally produced in our bodies which hold 1000 times its weight in water, so beautifully plumps the skin and clings to moisture to keeping it hydrated and improving texture. Hand Chemistry have launched a lovely Hyaluronic Body Mist (€31.00 available at larger Boots stores) which combines hyaluronic acid with base of purified mushroom, tamarind and corn derivatives which improves texture while hydrating skin. It also literally absorbs in an instant, as in immediately, which I love - ain't nobody got time to be standing around air drying.

Finally, lifestyle, as with everything, plays a decent part in reducing derriere dimpling. Consistent strength training is said to be the most effective workout for improving the tone of problem areas, and reducing refined sugars from your diet means fewer toxins for your system to try and shift. That said everything in moderation after all a life without doughnuts is not much of a life at all really...!