Bridal Beauty | MAC Trousseau Service


On getting wind of Mac's Trousseau Service launching in Ireland I was pretty excited. On getting the opportunity to try out Mac’s Trousseau Service with non-other than the ridiculously talented Lesley Keane, I was more than a little excited – as in Christmas morning when you're eight years old excited. This was partially down to my fascination with Lesley’s pro makeup artistry skills and partially down to my unreasonable love of incredibly pretty things. Mac’s Trousseau box is every inch an incredibly pretty thing.


The Trousseau box concept actually stems from India. Traditionally, a bride and her mother would start gathering items to prepare for her future married life. The collection would be stored in a beautiful trunk or luggage. So in short, a beautiful box full of pretty things.

Mac have created a gorgeously modern version of the Trousseau box, which includes a two-hour session with one of their makeup artists to design two looks for the bride. The items used to create these individual looks are then bundled together in the most beautiful gold Trousseau Box, complete with a tiny gold lock and gold tassel key worthy of a Disney fairytale.


Of course most Irish brides would book in a professional MUA for the Big Day, but there’s so much social butterflying around the wedding itself (and honeymoon) that it’s definitely a lovely touch to have a customised kit at your fingertips - maids of honour take note! I definitely don’t believe it’s one to be reserved for brides either, the Trousseau Service may have its routes in pre-nuptual planning but would also work brilliantly for big birthdays, debs or just as a lovely treat to yourself (I’m a big fan of lovely treats to yourself…!).

No doubt it is an investment at €250.00, but when you consider this covers a two hour slot with a Mac artist, the beautiful Trousseau Box itself plus the full value redeemable in Mac products, it actually works out pretty good value.

Mac Trousseau Service is available at Mac, Brown Thomas in Dublin.