Easy At-Home Mother's Day Brunch


She brought you into the world, helped you learn the ways of the world and got you to the point of being a responsible(ish) adult - and you can bet she made some sacrifices along the way. When it come's down to it, our Mama's are basically real life superheroes. For those of us lucky enough to still have our leading ladies present and well, a gentle reminder that this coming Sunday is Mother's Day.

I don't really tend to buy into the whole Hallmark holiday phenomena, but like most of us, I'll always take the opportunity to show my Mama how much she's loved and appreciated, and how even as a fully grown adult, how I still need my Mammy.


There are so many amazing and quirky afternoon tea and brunch idea's on offer right now that we're spoiled for choice. But sometimes an at-home celebration can be gorgeously relaxing without having to negotiate crowds, time restrictions on reservations or parking.


First things first, to make this a little bit special you're going to need flowers to dress the table - Mammies love flowers and for the day that's in it, you can let her take them home. I've found that local farmers markets have really upped their game with wild flower arrangements lately, failing that, pop by your local Aldi or Lidl for some bargain blooms. Keep it clean with plain ceramics or quirky jam jars, which can also be great to scatter some tealights about in.


The key here is easy, soby all means if dressing up is your thing, go nuts! But also remember the beauty of hosting at home is you can just as easily sip a glass of decent wine as you pull things together to the sound of your favourite Spotify playlist, while rocking a topknot and no makeup. Hows that for easy?

This particular menu takes easy to a whole new level. As in, there is actually no cooking involved - merely assembly. What sort of entertaining witchcraft is this I hear you ask? The really smart and really enjoyable kind.


A stress-free no-cooking brunch menu should look a little something like this:

Charcuterie Board

Panzella Salad

Fresh Crusty Sourdough

Assortment of doughnuts and macarons

Elderflower and mint lemonade (add some Gin if that's your thing!)

Charcuterie Board is nothing to be feared. Get yourself a decent chopping board (this beauty is from Sophie Conran) and you're halfway there. Assemble your selection of cured meats & cheeses as artfully as takes your fancy, drizzle with a good quality olive oil, some cracked black pepper and sea salt, and you're done! The optional extra's are a vast as your imagination here, so feel free to get creative.


Panzella Salad is the simplest and perhaps most delicious of all the no-brainer salads. Read our quick step-by-step method here or take a look below, safe in the comfort that the most work involved is cutting some bread (my kind of cooking).


We've gone the simple crowd-pleasing route of a doughnut and macaron cake stand, prettied up with some wild flowers - and by wild I mean plucked from the garden. If you're inner Nigella needs a workout and time permits, then by all means fire up the oven and get baking.

Finally, make sure the bread is fresh and the drinks are chilled et voila - the most stress free of brunch imaginable.  Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing strong Mama's we know and love - you ladies rock!