Springtime Scents from L'Occitane


After what may possibly have been the longest and greyest winter yet, we’ve made it to February – well done, everyone -  it was touch and go there for a moment! We’re welcoming all things springtime with open arms, from that half hour stretch in the evening (yes I sound like my Mum now) to some springtime blooms to brighten the place up and of course gorgeous springtime additions to the beauty and fragrance world.


L’Occitane have always done skincare and fragrance with an air of French chic that we can’t get enough of. Admittedly somewhat of a Francophile, the French just seem to pull off understated glam, great wine and quality chic beauty and skincare like no one else. Oh and macarons… and pastries… and cheese… okay, I’ve made my point, I’ll leave it there. The most gorgeous springtime newness has landed at L’Occitane in time for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day (and of course treat yourself payday) in the form of the new Terre de Lumière L'Eau EDTTerre de Lumière L'Eau is a floral fragrance but not as you know it, with bergamot and pink pepper notes there’s an early morning freshness to this scent that’s a little addictive. With base undertones of white musk and tonka bean, Terre de Lumière L'Eau has a gorgeously delicate balance, managing to avoid that sickly sweetness we often associate with floral scents.


When it comes to a long-lasting scent that carries well throughout a busy day, the secret lies in layering (springtime brides take note!). If you find a scent you love, or even a combination of scents, the longevity factor comes from layering a shower gel or oil with a scented body lotion and finally the actual fragrance. Terre de Lumière L'Eau has a full luxury collection available in stores now, including Eau de Toilette, Gentle Shower Gel, Beautifying Body Lotion, Radiant Balm and lightly Perfumed Soap. There is also a pretty special gifting option available which includes the full collection wrapped up in a signature L’Occitance gift box (Priced €78 with a value of €103).

And not forgetting the boys, L’Occitane has the most gorgeously intoxicating man-scent in the form of Aromatic L’Occitan Collection. Crafted from a combination of distilled lavender blended with nutmeg, black pepper and smoked woods there’s a stylish modern edge to this fragrance that I imagine most guys would love. I’m actually a big fan of more masculine scents and will happily steal sneaky spritzes of this one (what’s yours is mine and all that!). The full Aromatic L’Occitan Collection for him includes shower gel, soap and aftershave balm to compliment the Eau de Toilette scent. There’s also a complete gorgeous gifting option which includes a signature L’Occitane gift box housing the full collection, priced at €62. The full value on this is €87, so it works out decent value.

Happy spring gifting and fragrance layering friends!