OSKIA Adaptive Tan or The Answer To My Tanning Dilemmas


Tanning products are a bit of a controversial topic for me... I like the idea of sun-kissed skin without the harmful rays that come with sunbathing, BUT, the sad truth is that self-tanning always ends up disappointing and frustrating me.

One of the main things I hate about self-tanning is the fact that no matter how much prep I do and how careful I am, I will inevitably end up with streaks or bits I missed, which completely ruins the effortless sun-kissed look I'm going for.

The other thing is the smell. Some tans are worse than others but all in all the roast chicken or burnt biscuit smell is just something regular tanners just have to live with. Even salon spray tans don't seem to cut it for me. The application is much better (no streaks, at least) but after 1 or 2 days my skin starts looking horrendous, with bits around my wrists, elbows, etc. wearing off quicker than the rest. Yuck!

So with all of these things putting me off self-tanning, I have just learned to accept that tanning isn't for me. Every now and then I'm tempted by a new product on the market (I sometimes get on with gradual tanning products...) but have never found anything that I could use regularly... until recently!

OSKIA, one of my absolutely favourite skincare brands, has launched 2 tanning products in their range. OSKIA is a brand I trust completely, they have a capsule range of quality skincare and I know that every product they put on the market is well researched, tested and thought through. 

Without further ado, here are the new launches.

Adaptive Tanning Mist

This baby is a tri-phase 100% natural tanning mist, formulated with encapsulated DHA. It contains melanin boosters to encourage your own skin's tan to form, which gives it a gorgeous natural look instead of the standard orange-tinge you get from most self-tanners.

The colour develops really quickly, just after 2-3 hours (Phase 1). The mist then boosts your own melanin and encourages your skin to develop its own natural colour, that also protects you from sun damage (Phase 2). Phase 3 happens thanks to the micro-encapsulated DHA that penetrates deep into the skin and makes your tan last longer and wear off well. 


The mist that comes out is super fine and a little goes a long way, so even though the bottle is quite small (100ml), you really don't use much in one application. The best thing - you don't have to cover every inch of your body, the product is best used to highlight shoulders, legs, tops of arms, & face in places where the sun would naturally hit your skin. This achieves my desired 'I've just been on holiday' look, rather than the block tan that says, 'I've just been spent an hour trying to tan my back' - much more up my street!

It wouldn't be an OSKIA product if it wasn't packed with lots of amazing nutrients for your skin like MSM, pea peptides, Vitamins B5, C & E to keep your skin in great condition and looking its best.

The mist smells really good, it has a delicate minty-floral scent when you spray it and a very minimal tan smell once the tan has developed. OSKIA says the tan lasts for 7 days but I found that it lasts quite a bit longer than a week on my skin. Once applied it intensifies over the course of 3 days to give you that gradual, natural looking tan. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I have never been this excited about a tan! 

The one drawback - it's not cheap. At £48 for 100ml it's definitely at the luxury end of the spectrum but keep in mind, you are paying for skincare, not just a tanning mist. To me, it is worth every penny and I will be repurchasing before I hit the end of my current bottle for sure!

Adaptive Tan Tanning Drops

Admittedly, if you are happy to use the Adaptive Tanning Mist on your face, you may not need this product also but if you are looking for a dedicated face product, there is one in the range. The Tanning Drops boast all of the same benefits as the tanning mist but the application is different.

Here you pop 1-5 drops of the product into your evening moisturizer and apply to your face as usual. It's no fuss and you wake up with a gorgeous natural glow the next day. I use 3 drops and use the product approximately once a week so I am expecting the Drops to last practically forever.

The Tanning Drops cost £65 for 15 ml but again, you are paying for quality skincare here.

You can buy both products on oskiaskincare.com or at SpaceNK.

It's no secret that I have been a fan of OSKIA products for years now and they have yet to disappoint me! If a natural, effortless and sun-kissed look is what you're after you have to try these products. You can thank me later ;)