Brassy Blonde Fix: Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel

Being blonde is great fun when you’re five and all sunkissed golden or even better blessed with nature’s balyage that only little kids seem have all the luck with. Then somewhere around the 12-13 age mark, things start to take a turn in an altogether mousier-muted blonde direction (don’t grow up kids, it’s a trap) and finally we find ourselves forking out a mortgage payment worth of highlights every six to eight weeks in order to feed our blonde habit. That said, I love having blonde hair and will happily keep the jig up even when more responsible grown-up financial obligations come knocking - responsible adulting clearly isn't my strong point.

My fellow blonde sisters will know all too well that when you find a decent colourist who can get your shade exactly how you want it, you hang onto him/her for dear life (shoutout to my girl Leo!). I love a creamy blonde and am leaning more toward a cooler lowlight or toner lately. The thing is over time, my naturally warmer tones start peeping through and messing up my cool blonde vibes. I’ve upped my in-between-colour maintenance game and have become an avid fan of a colour correcting shampoos + conditioners.

The science bit brings you back to junior cert art class and your colour wheel. In much the same way that a green toned concealer can neutralise an angry red spot, a purple toned shampoo can counteract brassy tones in blonde hair. I’ve tried a few over recent months and have become borderline obsessed with Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel wash and conditioner. Firstly I’m a sucker for cool branding, but that aside, this one actually delivers. I follow the  lavender toned shampoo with Blonde Angel conditioner which, if time permits, I’ll leave for a bit to work it’s magic. I'm definitely getting that little bit longer out of my colour without it warming into a brassy mess, and am pretty impressed with the overall condition, which my fellow blondes will appreciate is not always a given with colour treated hair. Also this one is sulphate free, so fine to use if extensions are you’re thing.

Kevin Murphy also offer travel sizes mini’s from €7.00, so a great option to trial before committing to full-size product. Available from Kevin Murphy salon stockists nationwide (such as Hot Air and Dry & Fly in Dublin) and