Boo! The Art of Lazy Dressing Up


With Hallowe'en weekend all but a week away, we all fall into one of two very definite teams. Team dress-up and team can't-be-bothered-dressing-up. Team dress-up (you know who you are) will spare no effort or expense in going all out for the night that's in it, where if you fall into the latter group it's really just not your thing (maybe you're hanging on for Christmas to pull out all the stops!).


Fear not all the lazy Hallowe'en jaded lovelies, the high-street got your message and this year have flooded stores such as H&M, Topshop and trusty Penney's with lots of options for dressing-up; without actually dressing-up...


Top two images: available at Primark

Clockwise from top left:

Feathered Mask, €7.99, H&M

Fish Skeleton Earrings, €5.99, H&M

Lace Veil Cate Ears, €3.99, H&M

Bow Tie & Braces, €12.99, H&M

Face Lace Mask, €8.00, Topshop

Unicorn Set, €7.99, H&M

Feathered wings, €56.00, Topshop

If stepping out to the shops seems like too much effort, ASOS & Boohoo have lots of similar lazy girl fancy dress options too - just get ordering soon if you want it here in time for the weekend.