Bronze & Blush: Benefit Cheekathon


I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and nobody does cute & quirky quite like Benefit. Of all the beauty loveliness that Benefit offer, one of their most iconic products has to be their iconic Bronze and Blushes also known as Box-O-Powders.

Cute, quirky and wearable, the matte bronzing power of Hoola was one of the first proper beauty products I ever bought. Way ahead of its time, Hoola has to have been the original contour powder with the perfect matte finish and complete with the ideal brush for cheekbone contours (the best dupe I’ve found for NARS Ita Kabuki brush).

There was a time when bronze was king for me, and any flush of colour in my cheeks was a definite now (around about the time I’d iron my hair with an actual iron – don’t judge). Since then I’ve dabbled in the fresh faced properties of Dandelion and Georgia, fell in love with pink pops of Bella Bamba, which I’ve seriously considered starting a ‘bring it back’ petition on since being discontinued! And more recently am growing to love Rockateur particularly with a tan or when attempting to hide a hangover or even just a bad night’s sleep.


Being a Box-O-Powder enthusiast and being a palette nutbag (as in I have no savings but have you seen my palette collection?), I was pretty excited on taking my first look at the new Cheekathon palette. Five perfect shades of Benefit cheek best-sellers complete with the trademark Box-O-Powder brush, packaged in true Benefit vintage, quirky beauty.

Although not part of Benefits festive range (more on this later), I immediately couldn’t help thinking what a gorgeous gift this would make – particularly for anyone who’s a sucker for pretty packaging. There’s also a handy how-to guide for those new to the blush game.


Top row powders line-up:

Dandelion: a soft & sheer baby pink powder.
Hoola: the iconic matte bronzer and an old time love of mine.
Rockateur: one of the newer additions to the Benefit powder family; a luminous rose gold blush.


Bottom row powders line-up:

Dallas: a dusty rose bronzer.
Coralista: a fresh coral pink blush.

The BenefitCheekathonBlush Kit is available for €59 at Benefit counters nationwide, which when you consider each Box-o-Powder individually costs €34.00 (per 8g box) is a pretty good saving!