Goodness Gracious! We Found Cakes That Are Actually Good For You!


Here in Pink Elephant Blog HQ we never, ever need an excuse to eat cake! Imagine the cake carnage when we tried these gluten free, raw, vegan cakes! We've always been looking for it and now it's here... the cake that's actually good for you!! If you haven't yet heard of Goodness Gracious.... you're welcome!

The cakes are absolutely beautiful and hand-made by the lovely & talented Clare Wilkinson, using only the finest natural ingredients. It is really hard to believe that these beauties are actually guilt-free! They look like the finest pastries you see at fancy afternoon tea parties but without the refined sugar and dietary bad conscience.

The flavour variety is excellent & there are six different cakes to choose from: Mint Choc-Chip, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Salted Caramel (my personal favourite!), Lemongrass and Coconut, Mocha, and Berry. The great thing is that the Goodness Gracious cakes cater for a variety of dietary requirements without compromising on flavour.

These cakes are almost too pretty to eat, each of them decorated to perfection (have you seen that tiny chocolate bar??)! Whether you are vegan or not these are absolutely fabulous desserts for any occasion! They also come in the prettiest packagig & variety of sized so that they make perfect presents. You have to try them!

If we have you intrigued you can order a tasting box of 6 cakes for €20 here. Enjoy! x