Easy Halloween Makeup | Candy Skull Tutorial

Sugar Skull Makeup

Halloween weekend is just about upon us and you swore you were spending it in sweatpants on the couch with a pizza and Netflix. And then everything changes and you’re heading out and everyone’s dressing up but all that’s left in the fancy dress pop-up shops are men’s XXL Duff beer bottle costume or a slutty lollipop lady. Neither of which would be your best work.

Fear not! Assemble your makeup paraphernalia and if that doesn’t include a white base then invest in one and you’re essentially sorted. The Mexican Candy Skull is a great option to pair up with a floral headband, which most of us still have lying around the house after festival season. A dark floral headband is all the more authentic and generally, the likes of H&M and Claire’s Accessories have some in stock around this time of year.

Easier than it looks, even if a steady hand isn’t your forte you’ll manage to pull this one off – add lashes, get creative with nails and if a steady hand does happen to be your forte then, by all means, embellish it a little further.

You'll need: – white face paint (very pale foundation will work well too) – colourful eyeshadow of your choice (Sleek do some great vibrant colours) -optional: cream eyeshadow to prime (in the same colour as you powder eyeshadow) – red lip liner – black gel liner (in pen form and a pot) – translucent powder – synthetic brush for blending – optional: Pritt Stick glue and some cold water – flower crown

Check out Alex taking you through this look step-by-step here.

Enjoy getting creative and Happy Halloween!