The Morning After The Night Before: Hangover Food

You know the drill. You wake up after what seems to have been a fabulous night... or at least the bits you can remember! Depending on how good a night it was you may be able to peel yourself off the bed straight away or you might need several hours of snoozing only broken up by trips to the kitchen for some Alca Seltzer. The most important thing after you manage to finally get out of bed is the hangover action plan to make yourself feel like a human being again.

There is a few ways of making yourself feel instantly better and for me they are getting into a cold (ish) shower for a few minutes, drinking lots of water and going for a brisk walk but the one I find helps me most (or is simply most enjoyable, let's be honest) is some good hangover food.

And I really, really do not mean a big mac or fried chicken!!

When I am suffering from the nasty effects of alcohol overindulgence I crave spice and my go-to breakfast is a sort of a Mexican take on scrambled eggs. It's super easy to make, only takes a couple of minutes and most importantly can be eaten while lying down on the couch.

You will need: A small piece of chorizo Some eggs A chilli Tomatoes A piece of tortilla (corn is best)

All you need to do is to chop up all your ingredients (bar the eggs, naturally :P). And by chop I mean carve into random pieces, whatever you can muster. Then it's just a matter of throwing it all together in a pan. First fry off the chorizo and tortilla pieces in a tiny bit of olive oil for about a minute and then break in the eggs. In an ideal world I would beat the eggs in a separate bowl but let's not kid ourselves, that's not gonna happen! So once the eggs are in the pan just break them up with a spoon and mix in with the chorizo & tortilla pieces. Throw in the chilies and tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. That's it!

I often add cheese to this at the very end or if I can be bothered a bit of sliced avocado. But really, you can just make it your own and add whatever you like! I find that it really satisfies my craving for something spicy and filling without making me feel sick 3 minutes after I eat it.

Give it a go after a night out this weekend! What is your favourite thing to do in the morning when you're feeling a bit delicate?