To Hygge Or Not To Hygge?


Hygge (pronounced /hygə/), alongside things like kale has recently caught on as one of those new buzz words that seems to be all over blogs and magazines. Unlike kale however, it's something that I can definitely get on board with! 

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a concept that comes from Denmark but has no direct translation. It’s said to be derived from a Norwegian term that means “well being” and first appeared in Danish in the 18th century. In layman’s terms: Hygge means feeling cozy and chilling out. And if we should take advice on how to chill and be happy from anyone, it's the Danes. After all, they have been yet again ranked the happiest nation in the world in the UN World Happiness report.

So... how do I Hygge?

Hygge is not something you can buy but you can definitely create it for yourself. It is all about coziness, togetherness and... lots of candles! It’s turning your home into a nest, turning your phone on flight mode, inviting your friends around for some easygoing food and doing away with anything annoying, stressful or emotionally overwhelming.

Since hygge has become the new it-word, I've read a lot of cynical articles about it being just another instragrammable lifestyle trend but... what is so wrong with that? Surrounding yourself with things and people that make you feel cozy, comfy and connected to the world around you surely can't be so bad. Hygge is a philosophy; a way of life that has helped many people understand the importance of simplicity, taking time to unwind and slowing down the pace of life. In a world where everything is fast and online, popping on a pair of cozy socks, having a fireside chat and some hot chocolates with your friends or family sounds like heaven to me!

So, put on your cosiest jumper, some fluffy socks, pop on all the candles you can find and spend your evening on the hygge bandwagon with a good book in hand!

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