Summer Festival Fashion Inspiration

Summer Festival Fashion


It's that time of the year again & all the outdoor concerts and festivals are nearly here! These are some of my favourite outfits. I do love a good pair of shorts and this year I will definitely be sporting a kimono!

What do you like to wear to festivals and concerts? Any top tips?

A. x

Our Winter / Christmas Nail Polish Picks

Winter & Christmas Nail PolishesI have admitted it before, I have a slight problem when it comes to nail polish, I just can't stop buying it! I've had a look through my little (or some might say ridiculously big) polish collection and have dug out the ones that will be on my nails through December and especially the festive season.

The polish I wear most at the moment is Rouge Noir from Chanel and the Dior Diva one, which is a gorgeous black with gold and red glitter shot through it. Unfortunately it is a limited edition but they have a dark red one with golden glitter in their Christmas collection this year, also very beautiful. Depending on what I will be wearing on Christmas day (not decided yet) I will probably have the red glitter from Deborah Lipmann or Chanel's Quartz on my nails.

I haven't bought any new ones lately but I have my eye on a few. One of them is Essie's Hors D'evours, a beautiful silver and gold glitter and from the same collection a black glitter Essie's Belugaria. This collection hasn't yet launched in the UK and Ireland but I'm hoping I will be able to get my hands on it soon...

What are your favourite winter / Christmas nail polishes?

A. x

Getting handsy...

As painting my nails and taking care of my hands in general is quite a big part of my beauty routine I thought I'll share it with you. I don't paint my nails every day (obviously!) but I give my hands a little bit of TLC every day. I am a little bit obsessed with hands, it's the first thing I look at when I meet new people...

So to the actual routine: Once I have taken my nail polish off I give my hands a good wash and a scrub to make the skin nice and soft and to soften the cuticles a bit. I then use a cuticle remover - the one below is my latest find and I love it! It is the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm. It makes your cuticles very soft and easy to push back, doesn't dry them out and makes them look really good. I apply the balm, leave it to work for a couple of minutes and then use one of these little wooden sticks to push them back. I generally don't cut them and I would not recommend it unless you really know what you are doing. I find that pushing cuticles back regularly keeps them looking nice with no need to cut them (much safer!) After that it is time for a quick file to shape the nail - nothing too exciting...Handcare Heroes

After that I give my hands another good wash. if you are applying nail polish, you want to make sure that there is no cream left on your nails (the nail polish will not last at all otherwise). Once my hands are squeaky clean and dry I apply a base coat. My favouirte of the moment is the Butter London Nail Foundation. It's a brilliant base coat and you can actually wear this on its own as too.Handcare Heroes

After the base coat has dried it's time for a nail polish. I love nail polish but I do like to give my nails a bit of a breather so between changing nail polish I like to give them at least a day of nudity. On the photo below you can see one of my facourites - Laura Mercier's Copa Cabana, a beautiful coral colour from last years summer collection.Handcare Heroes

You can see I love me some Sally Hansen... my top coat is the Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat. I have been using this for years, it really does speed up the drying process and gives your nails an incredible shine. Also not too expensive, which is always a bonus.Handcare Heroes

When my nails have dried I always put on a nail oil. I actually try using a nail oil as many times as I can remember during the day - I have one in my handbag for on the go beautifying. This is the Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil by Butter London. A very nice oil, does the job and smells nice too. Another one I love but have completely used it up is the Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil.Handcare Heroes

So that is my daily bits I do to keep my nails in a presentable state. I have a few products I use at night that I think are making a huge impact on the state of my nails. I use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Ultra Rich Cuticle Creme. This stuff does wonders but it is so sticky that it can only be used at night-time or when you are doing absolutely nothing.Handcare Heroes

I also put a thick layer of a rich hand cream on before sleep every night - my current favourite is the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy. It makes the skin lovely and soft and smells amazing too! The tube is huge so you can use a generous amount without running out of cream every 2 days.Handcare Heroes

My last little thing I do may seem odd to some people - my husband certainly thinks it's hilarious... Every now and then (more often in the winter when the weather dries out my hands) I will slather on my hand cream (and when I say slather I really mean a thick white layer) put lots of cuticle cream on and put on my cute little gloves for the night. You are risking that your partner will start referring to you as Jacko but your hands will be soft like a babies bum and your nails will look amazing! i got mine form TK Max but you can get these pretty much anywhere these days.Handcare Heroes

What are your favourite hand care products?

A. xxx

Space Nails: Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee

Butter London Lilibet's JubileeNot your average summer nail polish, I admit.  But I am inadvertently drawn to anything glitzy and sparkly - my magpie syndrome. I remember seeing this on someone's blog when it came out around, surprise, surprise, Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee and thinking "I must have this". I finally found it in Space NK the other day and got it, even though traditionally it's pastels and brights season at the moment.

I initially thought this is just going to be a regular metallic silver nail polish but it has a rather lovely lilac sheen to it, which makes it all the more desirable and unique (not that I need a 150th nail polish in my collection... but it's pretty and I couldn't help myself). It applies really nicely in one coat and gives a cool foil-effect finish.Butter London Lilibet's Jubilee

Butter London nail polish in Lillibet's Jubilee available from Harvey Nichols (Space NK)  €14.50

A. xx