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H&M Beauty is still a bit of a new discovery for us... It recently however hit the shelves in the H&M Flagship Store on Dame Street and I for one could not help myself! The packaging of their products is incredible and it turns out that the products inside are pretty amazing too! So, let's start with the H&M Face Masks.

Cucumber & Aloe

This is a mask that is made for tired skin and is gentle cucumber and aloe peel-off mask. It removes daily dirt and grime, leaving skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. It's amazing after you've been traveling and your skin feels tired and congested.

Liquorice & Sugar

This one is fantastic for more oily skin that is slightly on the dehydrated side. It has small beads of natural sugar that buff away dead skin cells, while sweet almond oil and olive oil replenish your skin's moisture levels.

Witch Hazel

One of my favourite ingredients in skincare! This mask is a natural clay mask with rosemary and tea leaf helps. It's designed to cleanse the skin and reduce unwanted oils, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and clear. Definitely more suited towards oily and combination skin, absolutely brilliant for that once a month big cleanse!

Spearmint & Ehinacea

I love a nice peel off mask, especially in the summer when my skin can get quite grimey and yucky feeling. This mask is a purifying one and contains fentain root extract which is supposed to help with blemish prone skin.

All in all these masks get a massive thumbs up from me! They all work really well and are a pleasure to use. They are all 10ml which means they are single use (I quite like that, makes them perfect for traveling!). When you calculate the price per use (2.99) they are probably not the cheapest face masks out there but you have the flexibility of getting several different ones rather than using the same old boring face mask every time.

I can totally recommend these! If you haven't given them a go just yet pick up a couple next time you're in H&M, you won't regret it! I am going to stock up on lots of new ones to try this week!

Have you ever tried any cosmetics from H&M Beauty?

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New In: July Birchbox by Millie Mackintosh

pink and purple July Birchbox by Millie Mackintosh

Birchbox and Millie Mackintosh have been working on a super special July box that is not only beautiful (anything with pink watercolour pattern automatically has my heart) but also includes Millie's first ever makeup collab - a limited edition LOC lip pencil in the shade Bohemian Rose. 

Birchbox don't disappoint when it comes to the contents of their subscription boxes - this one is full of summer must-haves, handpicked by Millie. And I do have to say, she does have excellent taste when it comes to beauty products!

pink purple box on table July Birchbox by Millie Mackintosh

My July box* included a Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water, a full size John Frieda Frizz Ease Anti-Frizz Primer (essential if you, like me, have frizzy hair and want to avoid a Monica Geller style fro in hotter weather), a cute tiny Nails Inc. polish, the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Mask - one of my favourite moisturising masks and the gorgeous limited edition LOC x Millie lip pencil. The shade of the pencil is absolutely beautiful and perfect for summer!

Swatch of pink LOC Millie Mackintosh Birchbox lip pencil

You can still get your hands on the July box on the Birchbox website! And the great news - Birchbox ship to Ireland so you can just get the box sent directly to you, rather than using post forwarding services (like we used to... that's dedication)!

Birchbox is by far my favourite beauty subscription box! Unlike a lot of other boxes, I find Birchbox give you quality products and don't try to just fill the box for the sake of it.

Have you ever tried Birchbox?

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Tough Stuff: Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover |  Pink Elephant Blog

Cleansing is the most important step in a skincare regimen to me... you've probable saw me droning on about it previously on the blog. I wear waterproof mascara 90% of the time (oily eyelids problems...) and there is really nothing that I hate more than having to rub my eyes for ages only to find that I still have a layer of clumpy mascara on my lashes. But these are struggles of the past, I found my new love - the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover!

This stuff is incredible! It's a dual-phase lotion that instantly removes heavy or waterproof eye make-up, without leaving a trace of oily residue. All I do is shake up the bottle, dispense a little onto two cotton pads and gently press them against my eyes for a while to let the makeup remover break down and loosen my mascara. After that I give the lashes a very gentle wipe with the cotton pads and that's it - all of the mascara is gone and I can go on to using my cleanser without having to scrub my eyes for absolute ages.

The Instant Eye Makeup Remover, even though super potent, is really gentle - it doesn't sting and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

It's a bit more of an investment than the budget makeup removers from the high street but I promise you, your eyes will thank you in the long run! No premature aging or wrinkles for us!

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover is available from Clarins counters nationwide for 23.Worth every penny!

What is your favourite eye makeup remover? Would love to hear your recommendations!

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New In: Caudalie Vinosource

New In: Caudalie Vinosource | Pink Elephant Blog

I've used Caudalie products long before they were available on these shores. I was always that person traveling with bottles and bottles of French Pharmacie products in my suitcase whenever I went to a country that sold them. 

Now that we finally can get all that beautiful skincare in Ireland and trying more things from the brand doesn't involve international air travel I am delighted to say that I am expanding my Caudalie horizons.

The Vinosource range* is the core of Caudalie as a brand, after all what they are all about are beautiful natural cosmetics created from vine and grape extracts from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy.

There's four beautiful moisturising creams in the range, each one designed to target a specific concern.

New In: Caudalie Vinosource | Pink Elephant Blog

The Vinosource range is the core of Caudalie as a brand, after all what they are all about are beautiful natural cosmetics created from vine and grape extracts from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy.

There's four beautiful moisturising creams in the range, each one designed to target a specific concern.

First up, one of my favourites, particularly now that the weather is getting a bit warmer - the Moisturising Matifying Fluid (€22.40). It's a gorgeous lightweight fluid that while matifying reactivates the skin’s hydration mechanisms and restores its water reserves. The skin is re-balanced and left feeling velvety without being dried out.

The Moisturising Sorbet (€22.40) is perfect for anyone with a sensitive skin. It has an immediate and long-lasting calming and soothing action. The anti-oxidant rich formula helps strengthen and nourish the skin from the inside out.

New In: Caudalie Vinosource | Pink Elephant Blog

Next up we have the Moisture Recovery Cream (€22.40) that provides deep nourishment, perfect for those of us with drier skins. The velvety formula supplies dry skin with the exact dose of plant lipid nutrients required for the skin to feel nourished, soft and comfortable.

The last one is the Intense Moisture Rescue Cream (€22.40). It nourishes skin deeply, protects it from drying out and strengthens the skin barrier functions. With its rich texture, this cream is the perfect for very dry skin all year round or during harsh weather conditions (cold, windy, dry).

New In: Caudalie Vinosource | Pink Elephant Blog

In the collection there's also a beautiful moisturising spritz - the Caudalie Grape Water (€6.40). It's a superfine mist that can be used to tone, refresh the skin or even set makeup. It smells divine and is definitely a summer essential that will be invaluable if you are going traveling!

Caudalie products are available in pharmacies nationwide and online through the Caudalie website.

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New In: Pivoine Sublime Skincare by L'Occitane

New In: Pivoine Sublime Skincare by L'Occitane | Pink Elephant Blog

Peonies are by far my favourite flowers and spring (as cold as it may be) is their season. I could not help but be drawn to these new skincare additions to the Pivoine Sublime range from L'Occitane*, I love their delicate fresh & floral scent but most importantly they are a pleasure to use on my skin, especially in the morning! 

This entire range is designed to smooth and perfect the skin & has a gorgeous light floral scent (it really is quite delicate but if you're not a fan of scented skincare products, this may not be for you).

Pivoine Sublime Makeup Remover (€23)

I am not generally a fan of cleansing gels but this one is different - it's a micellar cleansing gel, very similar in texture to the La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Makeup-Remover Gel. It's not foaming and enriched with a skin-perfecting extract it leaves the skin that feeling clean and fresh but without zapping it's moisture. It isn't too heavy duty so I would recommend it as a second cleanse in the evening or as a uplifting morning cleanser.

Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Toner (€18)

The toner in the range is again lightly scented and is the perfect step to finish a cleansing routine and prep the skin for serums and creams. It leaves the skin refreshed, smooth and gives it a beautiful radiance. If you are in the market for a refreshing light toner this is one to check out!

Pivoine Sublime 2-in-1 Perfecting Scrub (€23)

I rarely use scrubs, I much prefer acid or enzyme peels but every now and then it is nice to gently increase the circulation of the skin on your face. The Pivoine scrub is quite delicate with the scrub particles being very small and not too abrasive. After a few moments on the skin the scrub turns into an oil for a really thorough yet gentle cleanse and exfoliation. This is definitely a product in my 'every now and then' category but it's really worth trying out! It leaves the skin soft and clean without stripping it.

This range is now available in L'Occitane stores nationwide.

Which is your favourite skincare range from L'Occitane?

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3 Minute Skincare: Deep Cleanse & Prep


Pink Elephant Skincare

Cleansing is something I consider a bit of a chore especially with a face full of makeup. Partially down to cleansers not really fully cleansing the heavy duty stuff. I’m seriously lazy when it comes to multi-step cleansing, but the alternative of destroying fluffy white towels and pillowcases with waterproof mascara remnants is getting old fast. Last week I got to try out a skincare brand that to be honest, hadn’t been on my radar at all. Vivderma Comforting Gelee Cleanser is a little pot of gooey goodness that removes all. Pink Elephant Cleanser

Initially I was a little skeptical about the almost sticky consistency of the gellee cleanser, but only after using did I realise that’s actually where the genius of this cleanser lies. Unlike most cleansers, you massage a small amount onto dry skin and then add water to transform the gel consistency into a cleansing milk and rinse with warm water. The scent is right up my alley, with a combination of Jasmine and Neroli essential oils adding a little spa-like quality (which is where this brand began) and lovely before bed. This is one of the only cleansers I’ve ever used that can completely remove a heavy smoky eye in one felt swoop. Impressively quick when you’ve stayed up watching TV after midnight on a school night and your duvet is calling….

Pink Elephant Toner

Next we tone. Toning is making a welcome return to skincare, partially thanks to the influence of very thorough Korean inspired skincare routines and partially down to a better understanding of skincare in general. Once upon a time I though toners main purpose was to remove cleanser residue, which there really is little if any of with Vivderma Comforting Gelee Cleanser. In actual fact, toner is a little secret weapon in itself, restoring your skins PH balance, closing pores post-cleanse and even removing chlorine from tap water.

Last year cult apothecary brand Kiehl’s launched their Calendula Herbal Extract Toner, and I'm a big fan since. Alcohol free, so there’s no harsh drying effect on the skin, the Calendula oil extract from the Marigold flower is perfect for oily or sensitive skin. This one’s actually a great all-rounder for most skintypes, with Great Burdock for drier skin types and Allantoin which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. You can’t really ask much more of a toner!

Pink Elephant Skin Prep

Finally prep! This may be considered an extra unnecessary step when bed looms, but it’s the best for maximising all the good stuff in whatever serum, moisturizer and eye creams you lather on next. Indeed Labs Hydraluron is a product we talk about a lot, and with good reason. This moisture boosting formula is laced with hyaluronic acid (scarier than it sounds, it’s actually naturally occurring in the body) which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. This provide below-the-surface hydration while boosting the effect of serums and moisturisers applied afterwards. It also increases your skins elasticity and texture.

Three minutes, three products to squeaky clean and prepped skin. Follow with a slathering of your serum/ moisturizer/facial oil of the minute and you are ready for bed safe in the knowledge that you’ll be awakening to fresh, plumper skin and zero panda-eyes on your pillow case. Squeeky clean sweet dreams!

Vivderma Comforting Gelee Cleanser* is priced €40 and available from their website.

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner* is priced €40.50 and available from Kiehl’s stores.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron is priced €32.99 and available from larger Boots stores.

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