The Scent of Summer: Body Shop Piñita Colada

two body shop pina colada products laid out on a tropical print cushion

Here where I live the summer this year has been pitiful so far. Pitiful! It's cold, rainy and generally not very summer-like and because I am starved of sunshine, wearing flip-flops and eating outdoors I have decided to fake it this year. There's a few things that help me with this endeavour and one of them is the absolutely incredible new range from the Body Shop - meet Piñita Colada

One of the nicest and most summery things to do, whether you are on holidays or just chilling in your back garden, is having a piña colada (recipe for the actual cocktail on the blog next week). The mix of pineapple and coconut just screams summer sun and the new Piñita Colada range from Body Shop does exactly that. It smells good enough to eat / drink and I am very tempted, but a previous experience with their raspberry body scrub taught me that it definitely does not taste as good as it smells. The range consists of the regular favourite goodies: a shower gel, body butter, scrub and body sorbet.

The scent is super refreshing and makes me feel amazing. After my morning shower & moisturising routine I get the hint of piña colada for the rest of the day and lack of a real summer is that little bit easier to bear.

I think I might stock up on some shower gel and crack open a bottle in winter to deal with those January blues!

Have you tried the range yet? If you haven't get yourself to a shop for a sniff!

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Winter Pamper: Bodyshop Scrub + Body Cream


The Body Shop Winter PamperI am a super lazy body care person at the best of times and rarely stick to a routine in that department. I don't know why but for some reason I just can't face moisturising properly after every shower. But now that the days are colder and my skin is a bit drier I have re-kindled my love for body products and recently just can't get enough of these two: The Body Shop African Ximenia Body Scrub & their Japanese Camelia Cream.

The Body Shop Winter Pamper

The African Ximenia Body Scrub is a thick and luscious scrub that smells divine! I use it once or twice a week in the shower and it leaves my skin silky smooth. It comes in a huge tub and little goes a long way there so it looks like it'll last for a good while. It's not the cheapest (€30.50) but definitely one of the nicest body scrubs I have ever used. I also love the luxe packaging of the entire Body Shop Spa of the World range - I'm a sucker for nice packaging!

My other favourite from the Spa of the World range is the Japanese Camelia Cream. I loathe anything that stays sticky on my skin for a long time - there is nothing worse than the feeling of clothes sticking to your body! What I love about the Camelia Cream is a really rich and luscious body moisturiser but most importantly it absorbs fully in seconds! It has a lovely warm floral scent and feels gorgeous on the skin. Again, this product is not the cheapest (€39) but definitely something worth looking at if you want to pamper yourself or treat someone to a beautiful gift.

Have you tried any of the products from this new Body Shop range?

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Lazy moisturising

Nivea In-Shower Body MoisturiserI have to honestly admit that moisturising after a shower or bath are one of my least favourite things in the beauty department. I don't mind putting on a luxurious lovely body cream on a weekend when I have lots of time to just wander around my bedroom and let the cream dry. There is only few things worse than trying to put on your skinny jeans while your legs are still sticky and every little fiber of your clothes decides to stick to your skin.

You cannot imagine my delight when I discovered the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. I am sure there were ads on telly and in magazines but somehow I missed it all and discovered this baby sitting on a shelve in my local supermarket. It basically does what it says on the tin, you put it on in the shower and rinse it off, like you would a hair conditioner. The product smells nice and does not leave a huge amount of residue on your skin - enough to feel you have moisturised but not enough to make your jeans go on like cling film.

I love this product and am really pleased with the results (there is also a version of this for sensitive skin in a white bottle). It may not be as moisturising or lux as the more traditional body creams (Keihl's Creme de Corps being one of my absolute favourites) but it does the job when I am in a hurry.

I somehow manage to go through tons of this stuff (maybe slathering on a bit too much...) but for the €2.50 for 250ml, I really don't mind. I hope some more brands will come out with products like these. I'd say this is also a good product to recommend to the gents - I have been laughed at when I suggested to the husband to use a body lotion but this could be something he would be willing to try... I'll keep you posted on how it went : )

Let me know how you got on with this product or if you know of others like that!

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