New In: Evolve Organic Beauty


New In Skincare: Evolve Beauty

I've recently been introduced to a new brand, Evolve Organic Beauty. I fell in love! Everything about them, from the packaging, the ethos of the brand to their products, is beautiful! I have tried two products from Evolve so far and both have become staples that I will be buying again as soon as they run out. 

Evolve is an artisan producer of organic and natural skin, body and hair products. Everything they create is hand-crafted in their studio in Hertfordshire, UK, using natural and organic oils, butters and natural superfoods. Their products are vegan and cruelty free (love that!) and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

New In Skincare: Evolve Beauty

The first product I tried was the Hyaluronic Serum 200. I am slightly obsessed with hyaluronic acid as a skincare ingredient, it's made the biggest difference in the quality of my skin - no more dry patches or wrinkles caused by dehydration! The Evolve Beauty serum is packed with goodness; apart from the hyaluronic acid it also contains pomegranate extract (helps regulate cell turnover) and is very delicately fragranced with damask rose water. This product is simply beautiful, there is nothing I don't love about it! My skin looks supple, hydrated and radiant... what more could I ask for?

Hyaluronic Sermum 200 (£28) is available from the Evolve Organic Beauty website

New In Skincare: Evolve Beauty

Next up is a body product. I admit, I am terribly lazy when it comes to body moisturisers, exfoliators, etc. Love the idea of them but then life takes over and the last thing I think of is to slather mosituriser all over myself when I collapse into bed at night. But (!!!) I found a way to fake perfect, glowing skin when I need to! That is not to say you shouldn't moisturise (you should!) but if you are anything like me, this is the product you need in your arsenal... Ladies, I give you the Satin Leg Gloss. It's specifically designed to make your skin that glossy high-shine finish that you associate with celebs and runway models. An added bonus: it's packed with fabulous moisturising oils like Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Bisabolol and Organic Castor oil that are great for your skin, make it look amazing but without making it greasy. I know it says Leg Glos... but I've put it on my arms & shoulders too!

Satin Leg Gloss (£20) is available from the Evolve Organic Beauty website

I am extremely impressed with Evolve and am dying to try more products! The best part - they are pretty affordable considering the high quality and beautiful ingredients! I have my eye on the Radiant Glow Mask next...

Have you ever tired any of the Evolve products?

*this post includes PR Samples

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Yogandha: Mood Boosting Aromatherapy


Yogandha: Mood Boosting Aromatherapy

I am a lover of aromatherapy oils and was so excited to hear that a new Irish brand called Yogandha has just launched their gorgeous body & mood boosting oils range in Harvey Nichols. The woman behind the brand is  the lovely yoga teacher Sinead Duffy who has created her line based on the ancient practice of Gandha (Sanskrit for fragrance) to enhance the mind-body state.

The oils are beautiful quality and feel very luxurious. There are two ranges in the line: Body & Bath Oils (Relax, Soothe, Detox) and Mood Boosting Roller Balls (Salute, Balance, Ground).

After a two day wedding and a few too many glasses of wine I have tried out the Detox bath oil on the weekend and absolutely loved it! The oil is a blend of refreshing lemongrass and cleansing juniper berry which helps to detox the body and enhances lymphatic drainage. My bath smelled amazing and I felt instantly refreshed and less sluggish.

Yogandha: Mood Boosting Aromatherapy

The Mood Boosting Roller Balls are something everyone should carry in their bag! They provide an instant pick-me-up on the go... Invaluable when you are busy and stressed - you can take a few minutes on your commute and to ground and centre yourself. My favourite of the roller balls is Ground, a blend of Sandalwood and Frankincense, perfect for popping onto your wrists before yoga practice or when you find your mind wandering. It really does a great job at centering your mind!

Yogandha: Mood Boosting Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Oils can unfortunately be quite expensive, especially the good quality ones. The Yogandha range starts at €19.95 which is really good value for money. Yoandha products are available in Harvey Nichols, Avoca and are also launching soon in Lloyds Pharmacies.

There is something for everybody in this range and already know I will not be able to help myself and pick up a couple more of these!

Do you use aromatherapy in your pamper routine?

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Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin SavioursI am not complaining - nothing worse than looking at all those Christmas decorations while it's a balmy 15 degrees outside - but the weather has gone considerably colder in the last few days  so it is high time I got out my trusted winter skin saviours to battle my dry, irritated and chapped skin.

First up is the amazing Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, something I reach for all year around to use on my lips but in the colder months I use it as an all purpose balm, mainly on my elbows and dry patches on my legs. The Eight Hour Cream is a combination of petroleum jelly and vitamin E and has a very thick, comforting and soothing consistency. It's a real multi-tasker and  I always carry it in my handbag in winter. It can protect you from the evil central heating and air conditioning, it soothes, calms and helps relieve minor skin irritations, including roughness, redness, chapped, cracked or dry skin.

My other can't-live-without product in winter is the world famous Creme de Corps from Kiehl's. I admit, I am very lazy with body moisturisers and for most of the year I use in-shower body conditioners but they don't seem to do the job in the colder months. Creme de Corps is a super rich & thick body lotion that makes my skin feel soothed and get's rid of that dry, itchy and tight feeling immediately. It is packed with moisturising plant oils and butters like jojoba oil, cocoa butter and sesame seed oil. It doesn't have a fragrance, looks very basic but is the best at doing what it's supposed to do! A must-have in winter!

Finally, the newest addition to my winter line-up is the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream by Clarins. In winter I always look for a hand cream that is super moisturising and rich without leaving a greasy film on my hands during the day - I hate that feeling more than anything! This cream does form a protective layer over your skin but doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all. It contains nourishing sesame oil and instantly softens and comforts dry, chapped, irritated skin and is fantastic on nails and cuticles.

So here is my little winter skin saviour trio. What are your favourite winter products? I would love to hear your recommendations!

A. xx

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Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra Nourishing Oil


Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Body Oil

A brand new and exciting launch from Roger & Gallet has arrived at the Pink Elephant Blog HQ recently and I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw it! I am a known fig scent addict and if I see anything fig-scented I just have to have it. There is something addictive about this scent, it’s fruity in a grown up way and earthy at the same time. It is the perfect summer scent, it smells very natural, just as if you bit into a fresh, ripe fig! And the fact that it comes in a beautiful dry oil formula makes the Fleur de Figuier Ultra Nourhsing Oil* all the more fabulous!

The oil has a wonderful velvety texture and contains some fantastic ingredients - vitamins A, E, F and K help to soften and hydrate the skin, as well as six rich fruit oils, for maximum nourishment:

Nourishing grape seed oil, with emollient and free radical properties thanks to its omega 6, vitamin E. Pomegranate seed oil, recognised for its soothing properties thanks to its punicic acid (omega 5), a rare fatty acid known for its anti-inflammatory action. Sweet almond oil, helps to prevent dehydration by forming a soft, protective and soothing film on the skin’s surface. Blackcurrant seed oil, with omegas 3 & 6 and vitamin E, is recognised for its ability to bring suppleness and elasticity to the epidermis. Olive oil, rich in oleic acid (omega 9) and vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Avocado oil, recognised for its regenerating and soothing powers, nourishes the skin and helps to keep it moisturised.

This dry oil is suitable even for sensitive skin and can also be used on the ends of your hair (it makes your hair smell amazing!!!). To tell you the truth, I slather it on pretty much from head (well, the dry ends of my hair) to toe because I love the scent & the way it softens my skin. It  gives my skin that gorgeous sheen, which is especially nice for the days I have my legs out! I also find that if you layer the oil with the Fleur de Figuier Eau Riche fragrance (€39.75 for 100ml) the scent lasts the whole day and you walk around smelling delicious!

This launch gets a massive thumbs up from me, if you are passing a Roger & Gallet stand make sure you give this a sniff!

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra Nourhsing Oil is €26.95 for 100ml

There are also some other products in the range that I will be picking up as well: Perfumed Soap (€6.95), Gentle Shower Cream (€9.90) and Replenishing Body Lotion (€15).

Have you tried any products from the fig range?

A. xx

*PR Sample

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Loccitane: Let's Go To Brazil...

Loccitane Made in BrazilI have to admit the football part of the World Cup is leaving my pretty lukewarm (I can hear my husband sigh in exasperation even as I type this..) but I wish nonetheless that I was over there now, sipping cocktails & enjoying the sunny weather of Rio. I would even watch a football game if I had to. But even though I can't be there in the sun, I can be there in spirit... (or scent, to be more precise) with the new L'Occitane Made in Brazil collection.

Each of the products was designed from three crucial elements: a specific geographical region, a natural ingredient and local artist. For this collection L'Occitane has adopted two new plants from Brazil: Jenipapo (a citrus tree from the Cerrado region) and Vitória Régia (a water lilly from the Amazon.

Vitória Régia (artist: Joana Lira) This collection, inspired by the Brazilian water lily and contains two fragrances the Day Flower and Night Flower to follow the natural rhythm of this aquatic plants life. During the day the lily sleeps covered up to protect itself from the sun and at night it blooms to reveal it's blush pink petals.

The Vitória Régia Night Flower* fragrance is a deep floral scent. It is sensual, yet still feels refreshing with notes of lime, peony, musk and sandalwood. A gorgeous nighttime fragrance that is sexy but not too heady.

The Vitória Régia Day Flower* fragrance is very fresh and green with notes of orange and lemon, gardenia, victoria amazonica and lilly of the valley. This is a fantastic day fragrance - refreshing and perfect for a hot day!

Vitória Régia Day Flower Hand Cream

Jenipapo (artist: Andrés Sandoval) This line is a selection of suncare and fragranced products inspired by the moisturising properties of the Jenipapo fruit. Here you can expect gorgeous floral and fruity notes, with hints of citrus and vanilla. These products smell like they are good enough to eat!!

I particularly love the Jenipapo Body Jelly Milk SPF 20*. It is ultra light, not greasy at all and smells divine! This will have you not only protected from sun damage but also smelling amazing on the beach! And should you need to top up your scent in the evening you can use the same scent in a handy Oil Roll-On*. It's a tiny bottle that will be perfect for traveling or the handbag!

There are a few more products in the range: shower gel, body lotion, lip balm and a face sun protection veil with SPF 30.

So, if like I you are staying on this end of the world during summer 2014 head over to L'Occitane and give this collection a sniff! It is no secret that I love L'Occitane products and I can highly recommend this collection - it really is summer on the beach in a bottle!

Have you tried any Brazil themed products this summer?


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