Pancake Party: Gluten Free Two-Ingredient Pancakes

Two Ingredient PancakesI’m a big fan of pancakes and all things pancake related. I’ve seen this recipe floating around online for a while now, along with more fitness inspired variations including protein powder, oats and coconut oil. Ravenous as always after running on Saturday morning, I swapped my usual tea and scone for a two-ingredient pancake party and only have good things to report. These take literally minutes from start to finish, are gluten free, Paleo-friendly and nothing short of amazing when topped with berries (zinc, vitamin c…it’s all good news here!) and a drizzle of honey. I mashed up one medium banana with one large egg until relatively smooth for the pancake 'batter'. I also came across some ground almonds hiding in my kitchen, so threw a little on top for good measure (vitamin b & e). If I’m completely honest , I enjoyed these so much that there was a second batch a few minutes later which I added a little vanilla extract to the mix.Gluten-Free Pancakes

These are not only nutritionally dense ‘clean’ pancakes, but are also really tasty and super quick- definitely worth trying out!


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