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Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

Zoeva is becoming a bit of a cult brand in the makeup world when it comes to brushes (although they also do some really cute makeup). I've used their blending brushes for ages - they are way cheaper than some of my other favourites (*cough*... MAC... *cough*) and the quality is just as good, if not better. 

And then there is the rose gold. I don't think I need to tell you how beautiful the pale pink handles look with the rose gold hardware. It's a dream, people, a dream!

Zoeva do amazing brush sets in all of their ranges but I went with a load of single ones. It works out a tiny bit more expensive but I ended up with exactly the brushes I want and need. Becky has previously written about the set she got so if you're interested, head over here. There's something there for everyone with hundreds of different brush styles and designs to choose from.


Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 112 Face Curve (€14.80)

This is essentially a classic flat foundation brush but what I love about it is that it really is quite big. You can apply foundation really quickly but still get that nice finish from a flat brush.

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 110 Face Shape (€12.80)

This one is a bit of a multitasker. Perfect for anything from concealer to cream contour but you could absolutely also use it with powder products - for example super precise blush application. It's really small and perfect for getting around the contours of your face!

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 114 Luxe Face Focus (€14.80)

One of my favourites, this is again quite a small fluffy face brush, perfect for powder products like highlighter, face powder or blush. It's slightly flattened which makes application really easy and precise.

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 233 Cream Shader (€9.50)

Technically in the eye brush category but will be used mainly for underage concealer application. A beautifully firm small flat brush with domed bristles which makes applying concealer right in the corners of your eye less of a struggle. This would be perfect for applying cream shadows too!


Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 227 Luxe Soft Definer (€9.50)

Definitely 'inspired' by the iconic MAC 217 brush this is an absolute staple for anyone who wears eye shadow! The perfect small fluffy brush that makes blending both powder and cream shadows super easy for that pro finish. I have a bunch of these and I use them every single day!

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 225 Luxe Eye Blender (€9.50)

This one, also a blending brush has slightly shorter and more compact bristles and is great if you need to blend under the eye, in the corners or through the socket. It's essentially a similar brush to the 227 just slightly less fluffy and better for more precise blending - great if you are blending different shades together.

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 222 Luxe All Over Shader (€10.50)

The perfect all-rounder for when you are running out the door while applying your makeup. This will not do anything precise and intricate but for a wash of colour on the go, it's perfect! Definitely one I use a lot!

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes | Pink Elephant Blog

The 230 Luxe Pencil (€9.50)

I don't get that much use out of this brush, I sometimes use it for blessing under eye shadow (most of the time I just use whatever I use on my lid though - no fuss) and if I'm feeling really fancy I use it to apply a brow highlight. What I love about this brush is that it is the softest! So nice! And it does come in handy every now and then. Not an essential but a lovely addition to the ever growing collection!

Have you ever tried any Zoeva brushes? If not, I HIGHLY recommend you do!  If you don't want to spend a ton of money on brushes but get quality products these are for you! You can buy all of these brushes on the Zoeva website!

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Sleek Blush-By-3 Palette in Pink Lemonade


Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Pink Lemonade

It is not a secret that I love me some blush. I own tons and tons of blushes (it's a little addiction of mine...) and I have recently made another naughty purchase and got this dreamy palette by Sleek. It's a really handy one - with two powder blushes and one cream blush you are pretty much covered!

Sleek is a fantastic brand - it is affordable and very good quality. Their packaging is lovely and they are one of the few highstreet brands that have huge mirrors in their palettes. It is also more widely available in Ireland now. A big thumbs up from me!!

The shades inside are absolutely beautiful. From left to right you have Icing Sugar, Macaroon and Pink Mint. As always with Sleek products I advise to be careful with application, the blushes are extremely highly pigmented. But use them with a light hand and you will get a fabulous finish (AND the palette will last you for ages, everyone wins!).Sleek Blush Palette in Pink LemonadeIcing Sugar is a gorgeous medium pink with a slight sparkle to it. If applied lightly it looks lovely and natural & gives your cheeks a bit of glow. Just to warn you, it does have fine glitter  particles milled into the powder and won't give you too much of a sparkly effect (more of a glow) but if that's not your thang, you may want to avoid.

Macaroon, my favourite of the three, is quite a cool medium pink with no glitter particles. It is a cream blush and gives a wonderful glow to the cheeks without any sparkle whatsoever. Not all cream blushes last well on me but this one stayed put for a good 5-6 hours.

Pink Mint, the darkest of the trio is a medium rusty, peach-pink shade and, like Icing Sugar, contains fine glitter particles. This one comes out even more pigmented than the other two, so be super careful. The formula of this blush is absolutely gorgeous and when applied lightly it looks fantastic. It is to amazing on darker skin tones but I am pretty pale and can get away with wearing it on my only very slightly tanned face.

All in all, I can highly recommend this palette. I already have my eye on a few of the other blush palettes by Sleek. For €12.99 you just cannot go wrong!

Sleek Blush-by-3 is available from Boots and the Sleek website for €12.99 (Boots currently have a Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price offer on these palettes!)

Have you tried any Sleek blushes? Which one is your favourite?

A. x

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Budget Find of the Week: H&M Earrings


H&M EarringsDoes anyone else shop in the H&M Kids section? No?? Well, if you don't, go and check it out! I have found lots of cool T-shirts and basics there, that are a fraction of the price of the adult ones. The other day Becky & I had to do an emergency stop in the Stephens Green H&M to pick up some much needed My Little Pony plasters in the kiddy section (shoe malfunction!). While Becky was deciding on which plasters to go for (there was also a packet of Angry Birds ones, so it wasn't an easy decision!) I had a browse through the accessories section and came across these sets of stud earrings. In one packet you get 18 different, really cute earrings. I got 2 packets (in case I want the earrings to match) which makes up 18 pairs of earrings for under €6 (€2.95 per pack) !!!!! This must be one of my best budget finds yet!

Today I am wearing the cute lip studs. I absolutely love these!H&M EarringsIf you haven't yet, check out the kids section in H&M!

P.S. - I can highly recommend the cute plasters too!

Have you ever bought anything for yourself in a kids shop? I'd love to hear about your best buys!

A. xx

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Budget Find of the Week: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry

I just couldn't not have this lipstick in one of our Budget Find of the Week posts. If you like lip colours like MAC Rebel this is something for you! My latest budget find is: Sleek Makeup Lipstick in the beautiful shade Cherry.Sleek Lipstick in CherryThere are two finishes available in this range: sheen and matte and Cherry is a sheen one. The sheen finish is not too glossy but I do like to blot it down a little, this way it stays on that bit longer and looks a little more laid back. It is very a very comfortable lipstick to wear, it's not drying at all. It stays on quite well, I find I only need to pat a bit of colour on my lips straight from the bullet during the day and it lasts nicely. It is a gorgeous dark red colour with hints for berry and pink, perfect for autumn and winter. This formula is very strongly pigmented so application is quite quick and easy!Sleek Lipstick in Cherry

I love wearing lipstick like this during the day with just some nude-brown eyeshadow and a bit of mascara. I don't use a lip liner during the day and often blur the edges of the lipstick with my finger for a more casual finish. I think dark lips look absolutely amazing worn with a chunky sweater or big scarf (like Lisa Eldridge says "out of context"). This lip colour would naturally also be perfect for a more dramatic evening makeup.

The best part is that it is only an incredible €5.99 AND is now (FINALLY!!!!!!) available in Boots Ireland!!!!! According to my Twitter friends Sleek is available in Boots in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre on the ground. I am so delighted that we finally have Sleek Makeup in Ireland! I'm sure Sleek will feature in many more articles on For those of you outside Ireland you can order the lipstick directly from the Sleek website.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick

A. xx