Our eBay Collections

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.12.03We love eBay - it's the treasure trove of online shopping and many a great find in our wardrobes and homes came from there! Whether we're sourcing vintage cocktail glasses, crates or an LBD, eBay is our first port of call. So imagine our excitement when we found out about the brand new Collections feature!

The Winter Edit eBay Collection

It's a brilliant concept: you can select items from eBay and display them on a sort of themed pin board. We use inspiration & mood boards all the time, especially when preparing bigger shoots or videos for Pink Elephant Blog, and love being able to pin down entire looks. What makes this even better is that the entire Collection is "shoppable" so we can always go back and pick up the things we need. You can also follow the many beautiful Collections created by others - this is particularly helpful when you are on the hunt for something specific (we found some amazing party accessories here)! This ads a fun, creative and interactive element to shopping.

Ebay Edit

We have created a few of our own collections all inspired by winter and the fast approaching silly season - you can check them out here.

Have you tried eBay Collections yet? If you're a fan of shopping, you will love it!

Alex & Becky xx

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