L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

Everyone loves a bargain and for me finding a foundation I love that costs less than €40 is a double whammy in that department. I found it hard in the past to buy foundations on the highstreet (other than from Bourjois) that would be as good as the high end ones. My new find is the Lumi Magique foundation by L'Oreal, and frankly, I am surprised I haven't picked it up sooner as I have been using the Lumi Magique highlighting pen for ages!

The Lumi Magique foundation is medium to full coverage but still looks very natural (not too dewy and not too matte - just the way I like it!!) It is a foundation that makes you glow from within without the glitter ball face effect, once you blend it it's barely visible and doesn't sit on top of the skin. L'Oreal promises 12h "magical" hold on their website which in my case was more 5-6 hours but that's still good for my combination - oily skin. The rose gold packaging also helps!

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

I apply this foundation either with a buffing brush if I want the coverage to be quite high or, my preferred and newly discovered method, with a damp sponge which gives a lovely natural effect.

All in all this is my new favourite go-to foundation and I have gotten a lot of compliments on my skin when wearing it. So if you are on the hunt for a luminous but still quite perfecting foundation make sure to check this one out!

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation costs €16.49 and is available in Boots.

What is your favourite highstreet foundation of the moment?

A. xx

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Bourjois Happy Light Foundation - A New Favourite


Bourjois Happy Light FoundationI have a bit of a foundation addiction... I am of the opinion that a good foundation is essential to a perfect makeup look. And by good, I mean a foundation that is pretty much traceless and invisible on the skin, one that enhances the complexion without covering up absolutely everything (that is what concealers are for!). I have tried a ton of foundations in the recent months and the Bourjois Happy Light has shot up to the top of my favourite summer foundations EVER!

I know I always say this, but in my opinion Bourjois make the best highstreet foundations and are up there, if not better, than many of my high end ones! The Happy Light Foundation is a very lightweight and luminous base that melts into the skin seamlessly! I have inspected it it in a magnifying mirror and it is completely invisible on the skin. It provides a light to medium coverage and a beautiful, luminous finish. I have received a lot of compliments on my skin while wearing this foundation (including a day when I was suffering from a little bit of a hangover...). It has this magical ability of brightening your face without the dreaded disco ball effect.

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation

I myself have combination to oily skin and find that this foundation stays on reasonably well but you need to set it with powder, it is quite glowy. I tend to only use a light dusting of powder through the centre of my face as I love a bit of luminosity on my cheeks. I need to reapply a bit of powder later in the day as I do get a small bit of shine, but in all honesty, that happens with all foundations so I don't mind.

The one thing to look out for with this product though is that the shades run quite dark, so if you are using a different Bourjois foundation, don't assume you will be the same shade in the Happy Light.

I am very impressed with this foundation and will be picking up the concealer from this range also! It is not the cheapest highstreet foundation but an amazing quality one! I highly recommend it if you are a fan of natural bases.

Bourjois Happy Light is €16.99 and available in Boots.

Have you ever tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts!

A. xx

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Summer Saviour: Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic


Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Refining TonicI'm not sure about you, but in summer when it's that bit warmer and my face is plastered in creams with a high SPF, I get that very un-sexy, oil-slicked shine through the centre of my forehead. And I am not talking about glow (I am all for glow) but this horrendous oily layer that just sits on top of your skin! I don't really like using primers on a daily basis, especially during warmer weather as I feel they just clog my pores. So when I heard Lisa Eldridge talk about this product a couple of years ago in a video I wanted to try it out!

The Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic definitely isn't a product I could use on an everyday basis, it would probably dry me out a bit too much but it's absolutely fabulous at stopping that unsightly shine from coming through on warm summer days, when I'm on holidays in a hot country or even doing sports.

It's not your regular toner when it comes to consistency, it's a dual-phase liquid that looks a bit odd when it's not shaken (it separates into a murky liquid on top and a gloopy white substance at the bottom) but once you give it a good shake all the ingredients combine. It contains Amazonian white clay (which is known for gently drawing out oils and toxins that can clog up pores without stripping the skin) and Allantoin (in herbal medicine used as a bacteria inhibitor that also soothes and reduces inflammation).

I use a small bit on a cotton pad through the centre of my face. After I've applied the toner and let it dry I proceed as usual: I use a light moisturiser (my favourite for the summer is still the Perricone MD Photoplasma with SPF 30) and apply my makeup as always. This little routine somehow keeps the gross shine at bay without me having to layer lots of products on my skin.

Do you have a favourite shine-banishing product?

A. xx

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Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Divine OilI have recently received this little miracle in a Glossy Box (one of these beauty subscriptions that are so popular at the moment) and I have to say, this is one of the best things I have ever tried. I have combination oily skin so I would never normally reach for an oil. Anything to rich and oily makes me look like I have primed my makeup with a stick of butter. While my skin is really oily it is also quite dehydrated and prone to dry patches, so I do need a very good, effective moisturiser.

According to the brand the Divine Oil  is a nourishing multi-purpose miracle oil, (...) an indulgent treat for dry skin, hair and nails. The unique blend of natural oils, gentle fragrances and softening shea butter can also be used to restore the skin in the bath or during a massage. It is also a dry oil, so it won't make you look overly greasy. I wouldn't recommend it as a base for makeup (maybe unless you have extremely dry skin...?) but used at night or on a weekend morning after exfoliating it feels amazing and gives you a soft, plump looking skin with NO dry patches or excess oil. It sinks into the skin very quickly, doesn't feel heavy and leaves your skin quite refreshed.

The smell is lovely but a little bit strong for a face product. It does evaporate pretty much completely after a couple of minutes though so unless you are very sensitive to fragrance it shouldn't be a problem. The Divine Oil can also be used on the ends of your hair and as a body moisturiser.

I can't stress enough how much of a revelation this product is for me and I would definitely recommend it!

I have already purchased the full size and will keep the dainty sample from Glossy Box in my handbag. At £28.15 (from lookfantastic.com) it is quite pricey but you only need the tiniest bit if you are using it mainly on your face.

Do you have a favourite face oil?

Caudalie Divine Oil (£28.15 from lookfantastic.com)

A xx

My favourite foundations for combination / oily skin

FoundationsAs you may know from other posts, I have a combination to oily skin with the unfortunate tendency to breakouts every now and then. My skin is very awkward, it’s quite oily through my forehead, temples and the sides of my nose but at the same time quite dry on my cheeks and chin.

Combination skin can be annoying because oil free, mat foundations are too drying for me (I am also not too keen on a completely mat look anyway) and moist, dewy foundations leave my skin too oily and the makeup doesn’t last.

After years of testing and trying of different formulae, consistencies and ingredient combinations I came up with a fairly big collection of foundations that are a really good match for my skin. There are two reasons why I have several foundations (actually I have more than the below in my private collection but these are the ones I use on a regular, day-to-day basis):

  • I am obsessed with makeup and can’t resist buying lots of products.
  • My skin changes during the week / month, depending on temperature, moisture in the air, stress and hormone levels, etc.
  • Depending on the make-up look I'm after I will go for a different finish / coverage foundation

So, without further ado, let’s look at the foundations:

1. Vitalumiere Aqua, ca.€40

This is probably my favourite foundation that I tend to use most often for day makeup. It has a velvet finish, so it isn't really dewy but also doesn't give you a tight feeling mat skin. It has medium (buildable) coverage and looks very natural on the skin. Love this one! The only down side to these I can think of is that the lightest shade is not really that light... Otherwise really worth the money!

2. llamasqua Skin Base Foundation, approx. €33

This is a great foundation if you are looking for a good coverage without the mask effect. It sits beautifully on the skin if you use a stippling or buffing brush to apply it. I have tested with a lot of brushes and it doesn't work very well with a flat foundation brush, it sits on top of the skin and looks cakey. It has a medium to full coverage with a very perfect finish. With this one remember: a little goes a long, long, long way!

3. MUFE HD Foundation, approx. €39.50

This is a beautiful foundation, it leaves your face looking very perfect but still fresh and luminous. It is amazing for special occasion makeup, where you know you will be photographed a lot as it doesn't have any SPF in it (if you are using it during the day make sure your moisturizer has sun protection built in!!!). I think MUFE recommend to put this on with a regular foundation brush but I find it looks better when it's buffed in with a stippling brush.

4. Chanel Vitalumier Aqua Compact, approx. €40

This one is the sister of the Vitalumier Aqua liquid foundation. I love it for make-up on the go and touch ups during the day. It has slightly more coverage than the liquid version and I tend to use it with my fingers. Can also be used as concealer in an emergency. I couldn't be without it!

5. Nars Sheer Glow, approx. €40

This is a relatively new discovery for me but so far I am in love! The name of the foundation is a bit deceiving - it is neither sheer nor glowy! It has a velvety finish and medium coverage that can be built up. It looks amazing on the skin, it gives you the most perfect and healthy looking skin. This one also doesn't have an SPF and photographs very well. The colour range of this foundation is fantastic!

6. Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation, approx.€30

This is my go to foundation for the days when my skin breaks out. It has a velvet to mat texture and quite good coverage but is not cakey, you can thin it out on the edges of your face for a more natural look. This foundation contains salicylic acid  (the magic ingredient for acne prone skin) as well as other skin clearing ingredients. A life saver!

What are your favourites? Would love to try out some of your recommedations!