New In: VOYA Oh So Scented Diffuser


VOYA Oh So Scented Diffuser

I admit, I have only recently become a  diffuser convert. I am quite picky (aka snobbish) when it comes to home scents as some of them can be quite harsh, chemical and smell nothing like what they are supposed to smell like, with pine scents being the absolute worst! My scented candle collection is therefore on the small side and I am always ecstatic when I manage to find a new home scent I love. This one from VOYA is not a candle but the first ever diffuser to make an appearance in my home.

It was love at first... sniff. It literally smells like a luxurious spa! The notes in it are a blend of lavender with the lighter notes of chamomile with an undertone of luscious rose wood. It is simply divine! It's that relaxing  and serene scent that we all associate with a visit to a luxurious spa for a pamper session.

I love the packaging of it too! VOYA is a brand that specialises in seaweed and the design of the bottle reminds me of the beach - it's evocative of beautiful sea glass and wood washed out on the beach. It would make an absolutely beautiful present and with Mothers Day just around the corner it is definitely one to check out.

The VOYA Oh So Scented Diffuser costs €44 and is available in VOYA salons nationwide and on the VOYA website.

Have you got a favourite home scent?

*this post includes PR samples

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The Home Edit: Copper & Marble


The Home Edit: Copper & MarbleIf you are into home decor at all, or into Pinterest for that mater, you will probably have noticed two things: copper & marble. The combination or indeed each of them solo have been creeping into home decor magazines, blogs & exhibitions slowly but steadily and have now (thank goodness!!!) arrived on the high street.

The Home Edit: Copper & Marble


The Home Edit: Copper & Marble

I hate saying I'm obsessed with something but... I'm obsessed! I just cannot help myself and if someone doesn't stop me soon my house, that I am currently decorating, will end up entirely drowned copper and marble pieces. It doesn't help that the more budget-friendly interior shops like H&M Home, & West Elm have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering all things copper & marble for those of us on a budget.

To me this combo is perfect. Like gin & tonic, bread & butter, beauty & the beast... it just goes! I adore the coolness and calmness of the marble, it looks very elegant and serene. The warmth and gleam of copper is the perfect accompaniment for it and balances everything perfectly.

The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble

Happy decorating! Have you been caught up in the copper & marble craze?

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Boho Summer Blooms

Boho Summer Flowers

Decorating with flowers is our favourite way to style a table for a special event or when hosting a dinner party. It is the easiest and most fun way to make a your space look gorgeous. I usually use very plain dinnerware, maybe some golden cutlery and then jazz everything up with flowers. Now that we are coming into summer the possibilities are endless and we thought we would show you how to make some super impressive centrepieces and beautiful boho bouquet using just three types of flowers.

Boho Summer Flowers

We have used some of our faves: ranunculus, heirloom roses and purple limonium. You don't need much in way of accessories: for the centrepieces we have used some upcycled jam jars and glass bottles and all you need for the bouquet is some sharp garden scissors and copper or gold wire. We have also used some ribbon to cover up the stems - the heirloom roses have the most massive thorns!

Boho Summer Flowers Boho Summer Flowers

We went for a romantic boho look and all we did for the centrepieces was to trim the flowers to the correct length of each jam jar and added in the flowers. We have filled out the jars with some garden herbs: basil, fennel and mint - they not only look pretty but also smell amazing at the table!

With the bouquet we have started by putting together the pink ranunculus and heirloom roses and then filled out with the limonium making sure not to make the bouquet too tight and round - we wanted it a bit wild and bohemian looking! Then we have tied it up with the wire, added ribbon and then cut the stems.

TIP: Rotate your bouquet when adding flowers to make sure that it looks full from all angles.

Boho Summer Flowers

Have you ever tried to make your own flower arrangements?

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Gold & Copper: A H&M Home Haul

Gold & Copper: A H&M Home HaulH&M Home is one of my favourite places to shop for accessories for my house. Their designs are fantastic and, most importantly, very, very affordable. So while I was in London last time I picked up a few bits and pieces.

Copper: A H&M Home HaulThe one downside to H&M Home is that they haven't opened in Ireland yet and other than traveling to the UK (or one of the other countries they have outlets in) there is no way of getting your hands on these goodies. Even my trusty Parcel Motel didn't work as H&M home don't deliver to post box addresses. So once I got to London I made sure I had enough suitcase space to pick up a few bits.

Golden Cake Stand £9.99 This cake stand is just gorgeous and will cakes look fab but would also make for great makeup or jewelery storage unit on a dressing table.

Copper Wire Basket £7.99 I had my eye on this for ages and am so happy I picked it up. The basket lives in my bathroom and houses my guest and towels. I actually regret not getting a couple more of these! They are a great size and would be fab for office storage as well.

Cushion Cover (similar) £12.99 I am obsessed with cushions and can't hep myself when I see a pattern I like. It took me ages to choose just one as pretty much all of the cushion covers in H&M Home are amazing. I will be picking up more when I can!

Tea Towel £2.99 These are really cheap and have great patterns - a really easy way to add a bit of interest to the kitchen.

Let's hope H&M Home open in Ireland soon, there's a ton more things I want to buy! What is your favourite place to shop when decorating on a budget?

A. xx

Our eBay Collections

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.12.03We love eBay - it's the treasure trove of online shopping and many a great find in our wardrobes and homes came from there! Whether we're sourcing vintage cocktail glasses, crates or an LBD, eBay is our first port of call. So imagine our excitement when we found out about the brand new Collections feature!

The Winter Edit eBay Collection

It's a brilliant concept: you can select items from eBay and display them on a sort of themed pin board. We use inspiration & mood boards all the time, especially when preparing bigger shoots or videos for Pink Elephant Blog, and love being able to pin down entire looks. What makes this even better is that the entire Collection is "shoppable" so we can always go back and pick up the things we need. You can also follow the many beautiful Collections created by others - this is particularly helpful when you are on the hunt for something specific (we found some amazing party accessories here)! This ads a fun, creative and interactive element to shopping.

Ebay Edit

We have created a few of our own collections all inspired by winter and the fast approaching silly season - you can check them out here.

Have you tried eBay Collections yet? If you're a fan of shopping, you will love it!

Alex & Becky xx

*This is a sponsored post that we’ve worked with a brand to create, rest assured we’re selective about who we work with as all opinions stated are genuinely our own. You can read our full disclaimer details here.

New In: Considered by Helen James

Considered by Helen JamesIrish designer, Helen James, has brought out a beautiful range called Considered by Helen James, a collection of food and homewares that was created in collaboration with Dunnes Stores. There is a wide range of pieces: from stationary (€3), gorgeous copper pots (€75) to beautifully designed chairs (€150). Considered by Helen James is a great way to introduce contemporary, Irish design to your home without breaking the bank!Considered by Helen James Considered by Helen James Considered by Helen James Considered by Helen James

Both Becky & I are in love with the collection! We have already tried all of the food products - the Raspberry & Rose conserve is to die for and so are all of the chocolates!! You will be seeing a lot of this range in upcoming posts and videos!

Considered by Helen James Considered by Helen James Considered by Helen James

The range is exclusively available in selected Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Well done, Helen James!

A. xx