Apartment Therapy: Autumn Accents


As the days get shorter and evenings a little longer, there’s a seasonal change novelty factor to oversized scarves, knitwear binges and loungewear of the snuggly variety. My inner hermit takes over this time of year and I love nothing more than cosying up indoors. I’ll still guilt trip myself into the occasional Saturday morning run in exchange for farmers market coffee & cake (gluten free, doesn’t count) but if presented with my social options for an evening’s entertainment, staying in will win hands down.

I’m all too aware that the autumnal novelty of new fluffy white slipper booties and hot drinks will hit a turning point, usually somewhere around mid-winter, and be replaced with loathing the necessity to layer up for practicalities sake, together with a general disdain for anything less than tropical temperatures as I watch my icy fingertips turn a purplish-blue.

But for now, while the temperatures are gradually leaning toward the cool side and the novelty of new knitwear lines on the high-street is still fresh, I’m embracing all things autumnal starting with our living space. I love to add seasonal accents to our living space, which takes on a much grander scale come silly season. I love to dress a space with chunky soft furnishings to warm it up and in the absence of a fireplace (sad face) I use a lot of lanterns and candles. I tend to move away from bright colour’s as we leave summer behind and love more earthy tones and neutrals. Here are a few of my favourites right now:


Clockwise from top left: Avoca Mohair Blanket €59.95 | Jam Jar Chandelier €164.00, |Hide Rug €220, Ikea| Fringe Cushion €27, Next | White faux sheepskin rug €12, Ikea | Copper & Marble Eclectic Candle by Tom Dixon €75, Nest.co.uk

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The Home Edit: Copper & Marble


The Home Edit: Copper & MarbleIf you are into home decor at all, or into Pinterest for that mater, you will probably have noticed two things: copper & marble. The combination or indeed each of them solo have been creeping into home decor magazines, blogs & exhibitions slowly but steadily and have now (thank goodness!!!) arrived on the high street.

The Home Edit: Copper & Marble


The Home Edit: Copper & Marble

I hate saying I'm obsessed with something but... I'm obsessed! I just cannot help myself and if someone doesn't stop me soon my house, that I am currently decorating, will end up entirely drowned copper and marble pieces. It doesn't help that the more budget-friendly interior shops like H&M Home, made.com & West Elm have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering all things copper & marble for those of us on a budget.

To me this combo is perfect. Like gin & tonic, bread & butter, beauty & the beast... it just goes! I adore the coolness and calmness of the marble, it looks very elegant and serene. The warmth and gleam of copper is the perfect accompaniment for it and balances everything perfectly.

The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble The Home Edit: Copper & Marble

Happy decorating! Have you been caught up in the copper & marble craze?

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5 Ways To Create Your Workspace Style

Pinterest Office Inspo (1)

As a self-confessed Pinterest junkie and small-space inhabitant, I’m in the process of creating what has affectionately become known as my ‘micro-office’. It’s tiny. As in, fits-in-our-cute-little-bay-window, tiny. Nonetheless, I’m determined that my spatially-challenged workspace will be a Pinterest-perfect thing of beauty in a similar vein to our Pink Elephant HQ main office, and here’s how… 


Beautiful Blooms Your office space should be somewhere that’s beautiful enough to entice you into firing through Monday morning emails, and some simple blooms are a not only a lovely start to the week but also changeable, so as to give your work space a little breath of fresh air at the beginning of each week. Flowers don’t have to be expensive, even simple supermarket flowers, once free from the nasty cellophane wrapping and arranged beautifully next to your laptop. My favorites in lieue of a traditional vase include a brass mint julep cup, jam jar or empty candle jar- the fancier the candle better (this is precisely how you get your value for money from a Diptyque candle!)

Office Inspo OficeInspo Print

Your Daily Inspiration A workspace is nothing if it doesn’t inspire you a little toward whatever goals you have in mind. Don’t underestimate the power of some mindful inspiration and quotes that resonate with you to get you in a headspace where sh*t gets done! Pinterest and Tumbler are awash with every imaginable inspirational quote, in styled typography that’s nothing short of frameable. If you have a particular theme you’ve styled your space around (monochrome, girly pastels, a particular colour) prints of your inspirational quotes can be used to tie this together by whatever font, colour & other imagery you chose. As they get tired & old, keep updating them to keep your space fresh.

Office Tips Clipboards Print

Office Style Tips Clipboards

Clip Boards The clipboard is grossly underestimated and a great little quirky way of displaying everything from to do lists and weekly planners, to your daily-inspo quotes and photos. Clip boards make a perfect interchangeable gallery system when fixed to a wall, and although cheap & cheerful can be quickly fancied-up with the help of a little gold/rose gold spray paint to the clip.

Office Style Tips Storage

Simple Storage Because clutter is simply not on the agenda when it comes to dreamy desk-space. This is a tricky one; generally the busier (and more successful) you become, the more clutter that magically amounts, ruining your feng-shui friendly workspace. Lots of hidden storage is the way to go here, Ikea kitchen storage can easily be converted to desk-side storage (if it’s good enough for vegetables, it’s good enough for stationary) and brass wire baskets a great way to organise a chaotic workspace.

2013 Shay Cochrane

Final Touches It’s the little touches that make your space truly beautiful, especially if you adopt a less-is-more approach and just have a few special accents to your space- when space is at a premium, these should always be functional. I’ve been known to spend irrational amounts of money on a rose gold stapler or some Kate Spade pencils, it comes with the territory of being a stationary junkie. It’s worth keeping an eye out in the likes of H&M, Zara Home (if you’re lucky enough to have access to one) and Accessorize for lust-worthy storage and stationary that won’t break the bank.

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